Testing Captain's New Completed Drag Pack with Street Launches!
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  • itsjusta6

    Man, Captain is a RIPPER DUDE!! 😅 Once this car is on prep with the new wheels.. SHE GON HOOK 😂 What do you think Captain runs in the 1/4 in next video?? 👀 Comment below! Don''t forget about our #SaveTheRacecars Giveaway that JUST STARTED! Every $1 spent at www.itsjusta6.com will get you automatically entered to win our 2016 Shelby GT350, Legacy! Don't miss out on this one!

    • Stone

      I’ll give u $20 of u teach me to drive a stick shift like no lie a whole $20

    • Ethan Vergara
      Ethan Vergara

      You should turn traction off click it down once then hold it down again until stabilitrak pops up it helps big time

    • Brandon Bailey
      Brandon Bailey

      Gavin, it sounds like you may be triggering the clutch after you launch it. Same problem happens with a WOT box if you have your foot on the clutch after launch it sees the clutch is still sending a signal and thinks you’re still trying to launch

    • Mendoza’s Coyote
      Mendoza’s Coyote


    • Bigger Red
      Bigger Red

      Heck ya

  • Franklin Barnes
    Franklin Barnes

    In track mode Hit traction but twice and on second press hold down for 10 seconds

  • Owen Fouche
    Owen Fouche

    Why does it have paddels but its a manual

  • Jacob Vargas
    Jacob Vargas

    Oh OH HE’s NOT COMIN, OKAAEE- felt that

  • Jason Christopher
    Jason Christopher

    that happened to me too and i wasn't using launch control.. i have no idea what it could be like it stutters for no reason

  • Stormcaller King
    Stormcaller King

    What year is that zl1 🤔

  • jakesta247

    Jager will be missed, but man Captain is such a good replacement. Just wish there was some blower whine

  • Chris Cummins
    Chris Cummins

    Don’t slip the clutch so much on launch control and stay up on it a little bit longer

  • patrick saddoris
    patrick saddoris

    Hold traction control button until it turns everything off. Thank me later. Nothing is wrong with the car it’s breaking up because of traction control

  • Christopher Garza
    Christopher Garza

    Does it suck living in Louisiana ?

  • Blake Dean
    Blake Dean

    Speed limit 65 hits 115🤣

  • The Kryptic
    The Kryptic

    14:00 whats that song???

  • Luis Lechuga
    Luis Lechuga

    Check engine light on :/

  • 0thorton1

    Ayooo what’s the song @13:58???

  • Jadesa0420

    Before I go watch the next video. I wanna see Captain go 10.90. my first guess was 10.5, but I'm not sure if a complete tire drag setup will cut a full second from street tires. I dunno. Maybe. Time to find out.

  • Jesus Gomez
    Jesus Gomez

    17:48 I love how hes just sending everybody to gaplebees😂

  • 1BADC5Z

    You gotta dump the clutch it will slip for you

  • Allison the s::t box
    Allison the s::t box

    I’ve been wondering where po go

  • SwingitAtl

    You need a lighting build😩

  • Jordan Labre
    Jordan Labre

    @itsjusta6 check out pray performance. Hes getting the most out of these stock blower 6th gens

  • くるみLev.

    Does somebody knows the outro music?

  • Antares

    12:25 lol no shit it doesn't work, you need to dump the clutch, that's what launch control is for.

  • Hellbillydeluxe

    Just dump it on launch control..maybe try that 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Crack Smoker
    Crack Smoker

    Have you tried stabbing the clutch back and j dumping when it does that have no idea why it does that but I’d try

  • Aaron Whitlock
    Aaron Whitlock

    If you do buy a track there will be a ton more content until you blew something

  • J Dub
    J Dub

    Be nice if the working family folks had something cheaper than $18 bucks to enter the giveaways🤷👀

  • Mateo83

    Beat channel on the tube brotha.

  • Chef Papi Fuego
    Chef Papi Fuego

    Gotta get a radar and not that cheap Walmart brand lol

  • xtravagentK

    Why are you slipping the clutch during launch control?

  • akaJRob

    THIS. is content

  • Mr. Fixit
    Mr. Fixit

    Classic camero update vid release date?

  • Mr. Merica
    Mr. Merica

    Hold down the traction control until it all turns off and it should help

  • Jonah Taylor
    Jonah Taylor

    I thought the drag truck was sold ???

  • Steven Camp
    Steven Camp

    when his shifting sounds like a dct

  • arian 8
    arian 8

    im not sure who does the intros but he needs a raise 100%

  • Blake Mace
    Blake Mace

    Bro you literally have my dream car

  • Nicholas Pratscher
    Nicholas Pratscher

    Whats the song played over the race cars at the track

  • Snowman 287
    Snowman 287

    so since he started on motorcycles who wants to see him make a drag bike

  • Minikid82

    It’sjusta6 so I bought the FR-S yesterday and not even 200 miles in I’m hearing a knock and reading it’s got computer codes, I have no idea what to do, any advice? I spent all the money. I had on it

  • Samuel Bernem
    Samuel Bernem

    the montage when you got to the track didn't need to go so damn hard!

  • Jacob Rice
    Jacob Rice

    Audio lag??

  • Chris Builds
    Chris Builds

    I know his heart skipped a beet when he saw that cop

  • Houston Martin
    Houston Martin

    Please buy one of the 2019 trans ams and give it away have never seen one on UZmatch no one has one be something new

  • Under

    Oh my god I remember that track. I loved that seeing that red SS, you should buy one if you ever want a sedan, under 4k lbs with a ls3 to mod and a manual.

  • J Saenz
    J Saenz

    Gavin u don’t learn about “testing” before track day what happened the last time lol

  • bloodymarys197

    You gotta dump the clutch with the launch control instead of slipping it, it'll do the rest for you

  • AvalancheBlue

    Stop slipping the clutch with launch control!!!!!! The whole point is you dump it so people don’t gotta have to worry about burning they’re clutch out

  • jake lawson
    jake lawson

    Rip F-450, glad y’all are safe!

  • Majimo 2202I
    Majimo 2202I

    So I think launch control does that because the cars a manual and I think Chevy had a hard time doing that and I think when u try to fix the car thinks you’re going back into launch control

  • Soccermaniac

    Dump the clutch when using launch control, the slip percentage will take care of the rest to ensure you don’t stall out or burn your clutch out. You mentioned you’re slowly letting off the clutch, and that’s confusing the computer.

  • Tyson Currie
    Tyson Currie

    So I'm questioning why you are still getting air for your tires at a gas station when you basically have a shop to work on your cars and check the tire pressures in the comfort of your shop. Do you have a compressor at your shop? 5:28

  • Francisco Ortez
    Francisco Ortez

    Anyone know the song at minute mark 14:00?

  • Reese Cole
    Reese Cole

    I would try holding down the TC control button.

  • Josh Cutlip
    Josh Cutlip

    Since your friend owns the track just do a private track rental.


    Petition for gavin to widebody the gt350

  • madmac773

    Double press traction button and put into comp mode and go to pray performance!!!

  • TransAm Roy
    TransAm Roy

    Updates on the tv show you were on ? 👀👀👀👀👀

  • Tony Reeves
    Tony Reeves

    I20 in Mexico is the best..🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tony Reeves
    Tony Reeves

    Those damn Mexican cops..🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tony Reeves
    Tony Reeves

    Hey brother. Yea I lived only just a few miles from ya.. but we moved to Houston my friend. We will have the house in Ringgold Louisiana but we come back every 2 weeks

  • TRD_SR5

    “Doing that shit again”. Code for, can’t launch from a dig lol same way with the black car 😂

  • Jaymes Sims
    Jaymes Sims

    Your not on the rpm long enough 😒

  • Donovan Padilla
    Donovan Padilla

    “We don’t own a track” Sir, it should be “we don’t have a track YET” -Don’t Lose Sight

  • J Wolf
    J Wolf

    You should get a pedal commander it looks and sounds awesome

  • vvoid

    Them shifts crips!

  • Genaro's Adventures
    Genaro's Adventures

    Now no one can say it wasn't filmed in Mexico 🤣🤣🤣💀

  • zane whitacre
    zane whitacre

    When is the frs giveaway announced?

  • Jose Peña
    Jose Peña

    Sounds like ur still trying to slip the clutch while even on launch control. Dump the clutch and let it ride lol try holding the launch control a bit longer too u barely let it get on

  • Ryan Medina
    Ryan Medina

    I could never do this in cali /:

  • Andres Verdugo
    Andres Verdugo

    Race a 10R80 on E!! Don’t bully Zorbii lol.

  • Chase Goodrich
    Chase Goodrich

    I remember the video of you at this track! That was the video that started me on your channel. That chevy supersport broke the record for chevy ss. Been watching ever since.

  • Johnny Jayy
    Johnny Jayy

    The grand opening of the track and someone ends up in the wall lol

  • Tate Cunningham
    Tate Cunningham

    On the 1LE’s you’ve got to hold down the traction control button for 5 seconds to completely turn off stabilitrak and TC. If you double tap into competition mode, is still has stabilitrak on. And the launch control can only be activated in sport or track mode, while in competition mode which is activated by double tapping the TC button.

  • Johnny Jayy
    Johnny Jayy

    Hopefully you make an intro for Captain like the OG Camaro had

  • Ivan Espinoza
    Ivan Espinoza

    I think I read somewhere they fixed they bogging issue buy you have to take it to gm.

  • Legend Edits
    Legend Edits

    The camaro launch system doesn’t like clutch slip you have to full throttle to your set rpm param. And just snap your foot off the clutch it doesn’t like slipping you’ll eat the clutch it just likes being straight dropped on its head idk why but it does.

  • joel llerenas
    joel llerenas

    Great content 🙏🏼🔥

  • joel llerenas
    joel llerenas

    Anyone know the song at 13:56

  • Steven Ramirez
    Steven Ramirez

    look at the shifter play at 9 22

  • Jordan Clements
    Jordan Clements

    Y’all please keep me in prayers if y’all can. Pretty sure my car threw a rod and have no mode of transportation so I’m currently stuck in a deep hole 🥲

  • Dakota

    No draggy?

  • Brantly Forbes
    Brantly Forbes


  • Duane Webster
    Duane Webster

    Car has a slipper clutch so dump the clutch at like 23%

  • Auguste Valley
    Auguste Valley

    Uncle Tony’s Garage does a video on tire pressure and figuring out a good baseline

  • Gabe West
    Gabe West

    ItsJusta6 is the only person I know to own a drag Camaro zl1 1le a wide body brz a Miata a mustang gt350

  • ZayTrujillo07

    For the camaros you have to hold the traction button for 10 second it will take everything off for a burnout,for competitive mode you have to double click fast.

  • Cyber Krunch
    Cyber Krunch

    Gavin on the highway when a mustang passes him is my spirit animal😂

  • Adrian Bruno
    Adrian Bruno

    As a ZL1 owner I just dump the clutch at 3k rpms and let the car do the work.

  • John Price
    John Price

    No need to worry about that cop, it looked like a Louisiana cap car and we all know your in Mexico so he is clearly out of jurisdiction

  • Dj Met Dexter
    Dj Met Dexter

    I just noticed that car has paddle shifters as well

  • steve last
    steve last

    Gavin torqueing wheels with the parking brake on or even brakes applied is not a good idea !

  • mika mason
    mika mason

    Whos watching this after seeing the f350 is down

  • United 513 imports
    United 513 imports

    The 66 ppl that disliked this are liberals

  • Luis Soto
    Luis Soto

    We all know the two step on the black car helped you out a lot with the launches you gotta get one for this car

  • Johnathan McClure
    Johnathan McClure

    I noticed you still have the drag truck🤔

  • RicoTheOfficial

    Glad people are actually buying tracks and hosting events instead of doing street bullsh*t.

  • Cool Nick
    Cool Nick

    The camaro handles so good though 😂

  • Julian Kapp
    Julian Kapp

    I literally lov how captain just left everyone behind dammit

  • Julian Kapp
    Julian Kapp

    Marko vs captain mm tht should be a race

  • Brian Proffitt
    Brian Proffitt

    Finally some ZL1 and track content. I miss you being in a Camaro 🤟🏻🔥

1.4 mln
1.4 mln