Titanium Exhaust McLaren SCREAMS through Mountain Roads!
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    Rocket League is featuring LTMs & some classic cars hitting the game for the first time since the Free To Play launch! Check out Rocket League here: pixly.go2cloud.org/SH2TR It was a pretty good time running through the mountains with Mako for the first time since the car got some bolt-ons and it's running strong 💪🏽 Next up is Wolf Pen Gap!! This is a road very similar to Tail of the Dragon BUT a little more sketchy and unforgiving 😅 Make sure you don't miss next video! New videos are uploaded every Sunday and Wednesday at 6pm CST.

    • BumpiYT

      That's a paid promo I can watch all day 😂

    • DJ Polse
      DJ Polse

      kinda unlucky that i cant click the link cause i spent like 300 hours playing the game already xd

    • Brian Caldwell
      Brian Caldwell

      Wolf Pen Gap is about 20min from where I work (Lamin-x) - Makes for killer lunch breaks lol

    • Zack Gaski
      Zack Gaski

      I love the mountains u went in i been in thsoe a bunch of times. Bar far my favorite picture spots

    • Hellcat Dreamin Josh
      Hellcat Dreamin Josh

      Itsjusta6 Awesome Video I'm glad you had a great time taking Mako out to the Tail of the Dragon for the first time with her New Setup and I think she did very did very well and sounded absolutely incredible

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    Carl Moore

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    Mass Boyz

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    9thgenempire 405

    Honestly, I bet it is so humbling being as big of a figure as you are, and having somebody stop you to look at your car. They didn’t know anything about you, didn’t want a picture with you, just wanted to check out the car.

  • Trent Ledford
    Trent Ledford

    I live 10 mins from where they raft at and ride US 129 & 64 all the time!

  • Seth Dunbar
    Seth Dunbar

    Forget the c8 it would be a dream to drive any of your builds lol

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    Socially inept Gamer

    Holy hell I used to watch Dan back in the day when I first got my back never expected him to show up in one of these vids that’s dope as hell

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    Next time you go out there, go hir route 441 between Cherokee NC and Gatlinburg TN, it's absolutely beautiful

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    DTJ Productions

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    If you’re in Atlanta swing up to Chattanooga if you like views. Cloudland Canyon for the waterfalls, Point Park for the views are a few places on Lookout Mountain to check out. Hour to hour and a half drive from ATL.

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    Audi witha Turbski

    These hecktic videos are the ones I miss bc you weren’t so stressed out back then and i understand the stress Man it takes it’s toll on you

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    Hey when entering the giveaway by buying some merch, is there a specific way to enter the giveaway while making the purchase? or once you buy whatever you want you just automatically are entered? I just was confused cause i assumed it would ask for some information from me after checking out XD

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    Matthew tucker

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    Nate’s tv Nate

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    B H B productions

    That moment when I just realized Gavin rented my family’s old cabin we use to let people rent out before we sold it.

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    Toxiic_ Jugg

    i drive through polk countys mountain all the time... the day you posted the picture on snapchat i missed you buy like 5 minutes i was in that exact spot😂😂 anyway ive been here since 110k id love to meet you one day!

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    - Ninjasfortnite -

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    Rodrick Burroughs

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    @22:50 - Tell me a supreme being didn't make that. Absolutely amazing view. Brings tears to my eyes. To the trolls - don't bother, your comments will be ignored.

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    You will hate the game at first pro do the game a disservice of the actual mechanics of the game but it's is a blast if you are willing to learn

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    Color Match mirrors

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