They Wrapped My Car and Didn't Tell Me!!

  • itsjusta6

    Talk about a hell of a transformation!!! Mako went from 0-100 real quick with that ACW camo wrap AND the new wheels, springs, tune, and exhaust. Feels like a whole new car now and it's a wild ride for sure! What to you think of the changes done to Mako?? Don't forget that every dollar spent at get's you an automatic entry to win my Pandem V3 Rocket Bunny FRS! This giveaway won't be going on forever so get entered while there's still a chance!

    • StreetbikeDan

      Hit me up for that FASS Desiel Fuel System for the ford!

    • Brock Smith
      Brock Smith

      Hey Gavin jc would yall do a truck build

    • Tyler B
      Tyler B


    • rusty potts
      rusty potts


    • rusty potts
      rusty potts

      Looks sick

  • Lets DIY It
    Lets DIY It

    Justin is the guy that won that Fastest Car show on Netflix, right?

  • LaMoney1810 BUD
    LaMoney1810 BUD

    The fact that u live in my state and seen your cars before

  • Michael Saxonson
    Michael Saxonson

    Wrap looks like a low res fake patina job

  • Cammy Hammy
    Cammy Hammy

    I want a wrap so bad

  • Smokky_gg

    Coooold stAAARt

  • Darien`s Channel
    Darien`s Channel

    That mclaren. All I got to say

  • Loe Bo
    Loe Bo

    you prob shouldve got that delivery driver number lol

  • Sergio Espinoza
    Sergio Espinoza

    she’s BEAUTIFUL MAN!!!!!

  • Jose Diaz
    Jose Diaz

    Let’s keep it real guys. That wrap is ugly. It looked MUCH better blue. On top of that, Gavin said he got it in blue to sorta match the blue in his logo. Now that aspect is gone

  • Kobe

    Can someone please make this wrap in forza and drop the share code

  • EpicGamerAlert

    Where is the mustang going?

  • Proudredneck97

    Can you please explain in a video what's wrong with Satan and the nos truck. Please. I miss Satan.

  • Shadow

    The McLaren was like I’m fast as fuck boi

  • Nathan James
    Nathan James

    Lame ass bunch a dudes.

  • slunts77

    Lmao....and we're never seen the car again

  • Garrett W
    Garrett W

    Pleaaaaase build a 4x4 5.0

  • Jared Hall
    Jared Hall

    Love the wrap bro. Tbh I really hated the baby blue

  • Matt D
    Matt D

    Is that the guy from Fastest Car?

  • Brock Obershaw
    Brock Obershaw

    What is the outro sound?

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia

    The wrap reminds me of the velociraptor from Jurassic world looks badass

  • Coyg _puglife21
    Coyg _puglife21

    Bruh, I remeber watching the video when Dan picked up the dually too

  • GT TV
    GT TV

    Not feeling the wrap lol

  • GT TV
    GT TV

    Glad to not see that frs finally! Love every other car you have had on the channel except that one 🤮

  • Emilio Alfonso jr
    Emilio Alfonso jr

    What ever happened to Harry ?

  • David Ramey
    David Ramey


  • Justin Coblentz
    Justin Coblentz

    When are you going to make a video of Doug’s Lexus is300

  • Brian Bennett
    Brian Bennett

    Maybe we get a 2014 mustang gt and build it from the ground up? I actually have a 2014 ford performance supercharged mustang gt/cs and it's honestly the scariest fun I've ever had in a car

  • Salvador Garcia
    Salvador Garcia

    Let me get that gtr

  • Roger Johnson
    Roger Johnson

    that thing is a cop magnet now and that wrap look like something PeeWee Herman would put on his bike lmao

  • Roger Johnson
    Roger Johnson

    dont drive that in California lol

  • Anthony Malet
    Anthony Malet

    I better see this vs the gt350 Just saying !!!

  • Nijji Haley
    Nijji Haley

    I GUARANTEE the camaro gets destroyed

  • Andrew Stovall
    Andrew Stovall

    Please corvette next

  • Andrew Stovall
    Andrew Stovall


  • Mom Ru
    Mom Ru

    Get an svt lightning

  • Mom Ru
    Mom Ru

    Get a super snake f150!!

  • Mom Ru
    Mom Ru

    Would y’all ever consider making the truck awd?

  • Elopez101

    the 570 looks 🔥🔥

  • Inkredible Kicks
    Inkredible Kicks

    This shyt looks dope!

  • johnny utah
    johnny utah


  • Ivan Psimer
    Ivan Psimer

    I'm just hoping we never have to see these giveaway cars trashed by the new owners. Like Andrew from Mustang Lifestyle for instance, he sold his Terminator and the new owner trashed it pretty good, then it got sold again, and that newest owner totalled it like the same day. Makes my stomach hurt.

  • Fenreer1

    You should stage2 your boy robs wrx

  • Tunefully

    Get a Ford Lightning!!!!!

  • Auto Kingz
    Auto Kingz

    Bro, thats sick!

  • King_mundo

    If santa brings you that f150 it should be a single cab AWD 5.0🤤 so you can, oh idk know slap a supercharger or turbo on and drag the hell out of unsuspecting “racecars”

  • King_mundo

    Bro you never said we were gunna cry🥺

  • Jimmy Elrod
    Jimmy Elrod

    I would like to see you guys pull off a modern day f-150 lightining being 5.0 guys I feel yall could kill it and maybe do a giveaway with it just a thought I’m down for some more truck content

  • joel llerenas
    joel llerenas

    Car came out sickk! Game changer fs🔥

  • Donovan Crider
    Donovan Crider

    Jaegar will always hold a special place in my heart

  • Raymon Castaneda
    Raymon Castaneda

    Nah don’t get a f150 eco boost get the ones that have a 5.0 on it with a ten speed 4x4

  • Caleb Perry
    Caleb Perry


  • That CarGuy
    That CarGuy

    Gavin in a nutshell *owns corolla* “oh this is fun” *owns mclaren* “oh this is also fun”

  • Lucifer Morningstar
    Lucifer Morningstar

    So long GTR you will be missed/ enjoyed by your new owner 🥲

  • That CarGuy
    That CarGuy

    new intro?

  • TheRoyalEco

    "Hi Batman" LOL

  • yamahaboii660

    I hate how he talks about his new cars that we think is his but he talks about the car like it’s gonna be the next give away 😂

  • Ben Turner
    Ben Turner

    CLICK CLICK CLICK GOES THE FOCUS, as chris farley would Say. For the love of god PLEASE get a new lens or use one of your other camera's. But keep up the good work!

  • itsJJoosshhuuaa


  • Austin Brooks
    Austin Brooks

    Just got my classic dls hoodie. Thank you guys so much

  • Shane Joseph
    Shane Joseph

    sad to see him go

  • Shane Joseph
    Shane Joseph


  • Wes Mounivong
    Wes Mounivong

    F150 lighting truck? 👀👀👀👀🔥

  • Ivan Quinonez
    Ivan Quinonez

    Finally! I’ve always commented I wanted an f150 done by Gavin! Get a 5.0 10 speed though 👀🔥 I got a single cab full bolt on one and give everyone the work 😂

  • Jesus Arellano
    Jesus Arellano

    Bro ♾ times way better 👌🏽👌🏽

  • Marcus bishara
    Marcus bishara

    He should get a Ford lightning

  • Christian Livingston
    Christian Livingston

    DO NOT purchase anything from this clown. I made a purchase over a month ago and all I can get is “we’re backed up” but refuse to refund any money. If you say anything in the itsjusta6 discord you’ll be banned

  • ApeX MoDs
    ApeX MoDs

    Wheres the 1967 Camaro?

  • Steven Wright
    Steven Wright

    Mako looks sick

  • Hodges562

    Fucking do it with Dan was his fan since like 2015 sheesh

  • Bilal Arshad
    Bilal Arshad

    Dan is looking like logan

  • FEAR Actual
    FEAR Actual

    I'm not much on camo wraps at all. But. That wrap Justin did? Ohh shiit. THAT made me reconsider.

  • Julian Garcia
    Julian Garcia

    You should hear a 6.0 07 turbo diesel ford w a 03 turbo thats a real jet sounding truck

  • Hayden Wallace
    Hayden Wallace

    time for a new intro

  • Eu_xn

    Damn, You need to get rid of that wrap tho

  • Gameontrucker

    Many of us old school know how truckers treat this as a profession not a job. You found one that treats his work as a profession

  • Gurjot Singh
    Gurjot Singh

    What would be cool is you got a gt500 and modded that. You have a fast 5.0 a fast gt350 so having a fast gt500 would only be right

  • Ken Aggson
    Ken Aggson

    Not a fan of the wrap, but glad you liked it.

  • I’m Nobody
    I’m Nobody

    Went from a Chevy to a McLaren sheeesh

  • xd - kfp jacob
    xd - kfp jacob

    CoLd StArT

  • Moon TV
    Moon TV

    I love these camo themes with diff colors 🔥🔥🙏

  • Vampyrate XD
    Vampyrate XD

    Lol @ The Apothecary shirt. Fucking loved visiting that place when I went to Vegas when I worked with my last job.

  • TheTruthBeTold

    Ow shit! Did we just get a hint that the Lightning is coming.... Fingers crossed.

  • Jack Coffey
    Jack Coffey

    Did you say Porsche gran Flouris cause theres no such thing and if U said anything else my bad

  • Papa Frito
    Papa Frito

    Who else isn’t a fan of the wrap?


    I think it's finished....

  • Vitaliy

    It looks like the McLaren is orange and the wrap is coming off in places

  • Joey MacGowan
    Joey MacGowan

    Gavin. I best see a shelby f150..

  • Austin McGee
    Austin McGee

    You should get a G37 IPL and build it to giveaway

  • Vantomz


  • Jose Rodriguez-Lua
    Jose Rodriguez-Lua

    My v6 charger can take the whole garage 😤

  • Owen Burcham
    Owen Burcham

    Get an F-150 and pro-charge it

  • _Boosted_Photography_

    Gavin gonna buy a lightning or a DDR f150 next. I’m calling it

  • Juan R
    Juan R

    Tiktok saw a sneak peek 👀

  • jackson mcvey
    jackson mcvey

    we NEED a new intro

  • Kobe

    I thought the wrap was peeling off at the orange parts😂

  • RollingSkyCTC

    Yall remember when he had that corvette ? I wanna see it again

  • BottsVlogs

    I wish I had won the camaro, cause I wouldn’t want Gavin to lose touch, if that man wanted to drive that car again I’d bring it to him.

  • cam

    gavin speeding up and flying around cars is me in my hyundai lmfao. congratulations man youve come a long way

  • Skooter Lee
    Skooter Lee


1.4 mln