Stone Cold McLaren Driver Scared Me To Death! **Funny Reaction**
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  • itsjusta6

    Of all the cars I've ridden in, I have NEVER experienced something like what you saw in this video.. Justin's 720s is on a whole new level of "that's f**king fast" especially with him in the driver seat. Props to ANYBODY who can ride in his passenger seat and keep a straight face! 😂 I need some water after that one.. And don't forget! Every $1 spent at will get you AUTOMATICALLY entered to win Legacy, the GT350!! If you're wanting to experience the mountains, this is the perfect car for the job!

    • Gabriel Cleveland
      Gabriel Cleveland

      I just saw the show your in damn thats crazy

    • Preston meeker
      Preston meeker

      I just watched the first episode of the getaway driver which episode are you on?

    • YourG1rlsMan

      @ATLANTA CUSTOM WRAPS that actually surprises me since they are 1 million dollar cars, i guess they are just a overprised 720 🤣


      @YourG1rlsMan I've run a couple of them and honestly they don't compare to my 720

    • YourG1rlsMan

      If you think thats fast you need to get someone to let you drive the mclaren senna

  • Markas

    Man this video is sooo LIT i watched it twice and want to watch it again and again 🔥🔥🔥

  • Bryan Eubanks
    Bryan Eubanks

    When I win the 350 we need to make this run.

  • Joey Triska
    Joey Triska

    You guys are literally making me want to strive for my dreams more and more. This is why I started my own channel earlier this month

  • Google User
    Google User

    Imagine he just starts smoking while driving or in the middle of a race.

  • Logan B
    Logan B

    Yo where his seatbelt at

  • Chase Gambrell
    Chase Gambrell

    “I didn’t even know this shit existed” 😂😂😂

  • Rick O'Dell
    Rick O'Dell

    At one point you look like you ready to wet pants! Keepon keeping on!

  • - -

    This is what happens when you drive something other than just muscle cars around a turn or on a road like this lol.

  • Kriptor Knight
    Kriptor Knight

    If anyone's wondering it's made of steel and they come in all sizes for men and women who earn them ball's of steel 😜✌👍

  • Mr nice guy
    Mr nice guy

    720s def a dream car

  • Reg Bravo
    Reg Bravo

    Lowkey getting tired of the supercar content, they are cool and all. But I'd rather watch the other builds.

  • Dylan Rice
    Dylan Rice

    Haha yes all the slow cars are annoying on that mountain I live less than 10 minutes away from it

  • emergingleader111


  • Dr Rogg
    Dr Rogg

    Holy shit does anyone else notice the Coca-Cola in the center going crazy with the G forces 😅😅😅

  • Paulo B.
    Paulo B.

    Whats the point of an entire video of you driving? Dont get me wrong, i used to like your videos a LOT, im here since the Red Camaro, but lattely, the content its just not the same anymore. Not enjoyable to watch, im sorry Gavin, its just my opinion...

  • Anthony Lee
    Anthony Lee

    to put the g’s in a different perspective look at the coke bottle just insane.

  • XxSkeEt_ iitTxX
    XxSkeEt_ iitTxX

    Imagine Gavin getting a shot at taking a formula 1 car around a track lol. The excitement he’d have taking corners in one of those at unimaginable speeds haha.

  • PNM Farms
    PNM Farms

    Lucifer would still ruin it lol


    What kind of clown still smokes cigarettes in the 2020s

  • WonderEgg

    Was expecting Stone Cold Steve Austin

  • Ace

    you and dan are the only people he would ever let drive his faaaaast cars lol If he ever lets you drive his other car just be prepared... that shiz is scarier


    prolly one of the only people in america that will smoke in a mclarin what a badass😂


    Gavin Is gonna go buy a 720 now

  • Axel


  • Raven Mares
    Raven Mares

    That is looks like fort mountain from where I live in chatsworth Georgia, I run that mountain in my si about everyday. Wish I was would of seen you it’sjusta6 that would of been a dream come true.

  • Jagger Crew
    Jagger Crew

    What’s the update on the black car?

  • Andrew Cunningham
    Andrew Cunningham

    Brought to you by Coke.

  • Rick C
    Rick C

    Watch the coke bottle to see how hard he’s taking those turns

  • Steven Thompson
    Steven Thompson

    Jess is a super cool chick to let you roll through the mountain like that. Not one complaint!!

  • Nolan Moore
    Nolan Moore

    the genuine laughter and happiness Gavin has in this video is amazing.,

  • 100mphClub

    We have roads like that in MO and AR, but there are gravel driveways to houses on many of the corners. You come booking around a corner and boom... gravel all over the apex from the last rain that washed out their driveway. This is why a lot of the bikes wreck... it's layer of dirt and rocks that shoot you off the road like marbles. Sigh

  • Pewmaster_

    And on this day the Lord gave Gavin the nicest traffic ever.

  • James Schneider
    James Schneider

    If you've experienced that feeling, you know!

  • Nathan Roberts
    Nathan Roberts

    This is completely different but when we getting videos about the black car

  • Maxwell Wallman
    Maxwell Wallman

    Just immagine smoke a cigarette in a 250,000$ car 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Brandon Cruz
    Brandon Cruz

    Damn for some reason I thought it was a 765lt at first

  • Nicky Landry
    Nicky Landry

    That’s like a dream come true wow

  • Davis Cruz
    Davis Cruz

    Did driving the 720 make you want to sell mako for a 720 or 600LT?

  • Wanda Pridmore
    Wanda Pridmore

    And it was at this moment he knew he fucked up

  • Teo Life
    Teo Life

    bruh no seatbelt tho????/

  • Matthew Francis
    Matthew Francis

    Perfect road, perfect car. Yeah, can't relate there

  • 50lxNando

    I'd say your experience is similar to when Han gave sean the keys to the Mona lisa..imo

  • dallas boan
    dallas boan

    Rewatch it and just stare at the pop

  • Mike D
    Mike D

    Next month hay gavin is that the new 720😋

  • Chris

    Was this filmed before Omega got hit? Or did Justin get it fixed already?

  • ND Central
    ND Central

    Justin: "Not trying to scare you." Gavin: "Anyway, so that was a fucking lie."

  • Kaidin Vandeyar
    Kaidin Vandeyar

    Imagine the McLaren Senna or McLaren P1 🤯🤯

  • cole mcmeans
    cole mcmeans

    good shit man, had me laughing. you were almost raptoren.

  • Chris Dusek
    Chris Dusek

    Best edit.

  • Deyaunte Schifeling
    Deyaunte Schifeling

    Justin: *Causally smokes in a car that costs more than most people’s houses*

  • Pablo the Dublinjackel
    Pablo the Dublinjackel

    Man you need to bring out your own PlayStation/xbox driver game

  • sliverstang007

    Ol boy smoking in a 720!

  • Christian Connolly
    Christian Connolly

    Gavins next video I BOUGHT A 720S!!!

  • Scot Morris
    Scot Morris

    Good to have Friends!

  • James Stacey
    James Stacey

    I just sit here and watch these videos, I’m proud of you dawg, wish I was capable of doing any of this. You do things I only dream of.

  • Mason G
    Mason G

    Gavin needs a 720s and Jess needs a C8

  • Brian D
    Brian D

    Entertaining but I can’t watch another Tail of the Dragon video.

  • Edward Wilson
    Edward Wilson

    Awesome video!!!! Watching you drive was giving me an adrenaline rush

  • Josh Lopez
    Josh Lopez

    Anybody else watch the coke fluid to get an idea of the g's he's pulling or just me


    Sounds great. Glad there’s not excessive pop pops. Hate that shit.

  • SneakyPoop Dealer
    SneakyPoop Dealer

    What happened to time out? He hasn’t posted In months.

  • J C
    J C

    Can't wait to see you on Getaway Driver next week!

  • BabyJoker's 2.0T
    BabyJoker's 2.0T

    Justin's McLaren looks like it could've beat that 1000+whp truck that on D gas brought to race a while back


    Just saying Gavin looks like a whole ass baseball player

  • Tommy_Kappa

    By far this is some of the best content you’ve posted for a while. That little edit of you making those noises… epic😂👌👌 Huge respect to Justin for allowing you to experience something he’s been trying to explain to you all this time. Not only does that show trust but how much love there is between you both.. loved this, and Gavin, you deserve to get spoiled like that.. In Greek we have a saying , “show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are”.. you’ve been blessed brother ❤️🙏🏻🤙🏻

  • Grant Westerfield
    Grant Westerfield

    Tune in next week to see itsjusta6’s new video of selling the 570 and getting a 720...


    Watch the Coca Cola bottle

  • J Fonyi
    J Fonyi

    Yes Gavin there are a lot of cars that will outperform a 720s you just haven’t driven them . I mean you don’t think a senna and a p1 for starters might be better ?

  • Laura Williams
    Laura Williams

    the coca cola g meter

  • Franklin Beaty
    Franklin Beaty

    how in the world he just flying down a mountain with a straight face!! dudes a savage

  • Firstname Lastname is allowed
    Firstname Lastname is allowed

    I would like to point out that there is a lot of comments about Justin being a good friend and how he is super giving and everything being said. All of witch is true, but it's also because he is doing all of this with people or a person that doesn't take advantage of people like him. Many people would latch on and take and take or abuse things like his C8 when lent to them, but Gavin and all of them respect his hospitality and him so that's why relationships like these work out the way they do. Just wanted to point that out...

  • Firstname Lastname is allowed
    Firstname Lastname is allowed

    I'm only about 3 minutes into the video and I just have to say that many people say that silver or grey is boring on super cars, but they are completely wrong!! Silver on that beast looks absolutely insane!! It's like a bullet just waiting to get shot. That thing is sick as hell!!

  • HyperActive

    That's a 720 for ya, and he thought his 570 was fast.

  • Mrblack761

    Gavin: "Why do I always have bad luck with the police??" Also Gavin:

  • MrChristoffervik

    Do i see a racecar with a cup holder? 😲

  • Zayne Vailes
    Zayne Vailes

    570s for sale in monroe!

  • Garrett dunham
    Garrett dunham

    justins the only person i knot to ever smoke in a super car😂😂

  • J Fonyi
    J Fonyi

    I laughed my ass off when the getaway driver show talked about best drivers in the world and then it showed Gavin in the background . They clearly didn’t watch this channel .

  • Bryce Ting
    Bryce Ting

    This mans smokin cigarettes in a mclaren. One day im tryna be on that level

  • AkaComeau

    Turbo Doug vs ACW Justin?

  • Richard Miller
    Richard Miller

    I am a dealer for amsoil if you are interested in purchasing products or being able to sale them let me know

  • LowdGuhnz

    I watched the air brake spoiler activate when Justin was driving, hoping for a zoom in. then it happens, and i giggled like a school girl.

  • PlAiN JaNe
    PlAiN JaNe

    I smiled the whole time I watched that. 😁


    He came on the netflix (fastest cars)

  • PhatDill

    That poor Coca Cola is probably flat as fuck now. 🤣

  • Robbie Altemus
    Robbie Altemus

    I love how gavins freaking out about the 720 meanwhile justin is pulling away from him in gavins car

  • Singularity

    23:07 bet... try the mclaren senna... if you can get your hands on one😂

  • Larry Green Tree
    Larry Green Tree

    Absolutely dope run. No cars and a set of balls you could rip that pass up. I can only imagine the fun factor. Wouldn't do for me to get a pass to drive something like that through a fun road. I can't drive very well but Google is helping

  • Ben Flees
    Ben Flees

    Roll race Lucifer and omega

  • Sam Thompson
    Sam Thompson

    Casually smoking a cigarette in the 720 lmfao

  • Zach Denaple
    Zach Denaple

    Lindsey sterling 🤣🤣🤣

  • To Be Continued...
    To Be Continued...


  • Andy 2SS
    Andy 2SS

    COCA-COLA: The sponsor of this video👀

  • I Sam
    I Sam

    I like how buddy is fucking smoking in an expensive ass car and giving no fucks.

  • Thomas May
    Thomas May

    Broo please give Porsche a try. The 992 911 is pretty solid. It’d be cool to see what you think from McLaren to Porsche

  • Red Devil Stang
    Red Devil Stang

    I see you getaway driver

  • Abide

    This 720 is definitely awesome but if u think this 720 is nice u should try collaborating with DDE!! There freaking awesome and have some of the most interesting builds! There 720 is replicated by the McLaren P1 GTR so it’s crazy. Straight piped, chassis mounted wing, painted livery, etc.

  • Jake Mucha
    Jake Mucha

    Fuck seatbelts

  • Blake Austin
    Blake Austin

    could u have worn a tighter shirt?🤣🤣

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