1,200hp Big Turbo Truck Blows Up Racing McLaren!!

  • itsjusta6

    June 6th at 6pm CST Don't miss it. Turn your notifications on!

    • Jacob Kimble
      Jacob Kimble

      Dude I live in Louisiana

    • Anonymous User
      Anonymous User

      This has to be fake or to gain views how does ur machines always break fool

    • A Garza
      A Garza

      Satan the new give away?

    • kevin auman
      kevin auman

      @Seth Floyd hey good luck brother, you are absolutely going to hate it while you're there but then afterwards you will miss it and all the fun you had!!! I did mine at Ft Knox Kentucky Alpha 146 basic combat infantry and the base is infamous for the steepest ruck march hills in all of the military lol I remember the road was literally inches from my nose and I knew that if I fell it was OVER for me smh I'd have rolled and tumbled all the way till bottom with broken bones and be kicked back a few classes but I made it and loved it lol hill's names are agony, misery and heartache hill and mannnn thee obstacle courses are out of this world soooo much fun!!!

    • kevin auman
      kevin auman

      Yooo Gav you gave dude some bogus results when you told him 120 lmao you were doing 130 when he came around you like a freight train and then even at 155 he was still pulling away so that truck had to be doing 160+ mph which is absolutely freaking insane FOR A TRUCK lol but also you did hit 164 mph at which point he had let off and you came around him... lol Time stamp @15:03 you hit 164 and at @14:58 I see 139 as he comes around you so for a pickup truck to be going that fast is really insane considering how quickly he was pulling on ya and watch how fast your speed is climbing!!!

  • 0m3n

    Gunna be honest... In the beginning I was questioning the tag along on the atv... But then he actually came in clutch when dude forgot to get into the truck lol

  • Lambobro aventador
    Lambobro aventador

    Damn la mamalona did amazing I have a cat eye as well but got the 4.8 engine

  • promote YouTube Felony Gaming Inc
    promote YouTube Felony Gaming Inc

    Thank ATV guy for giving Doug a ride back to his car I guess everyone forgot Doug would've had to walk if it wasn't for the 4 wheeler dude

  • promote YouTube Felony Gaming Inc
    promote YouTube Felony Gaming Inc

    Y'all shoulda let Doug smoke good ass

  • sunzoutgunzout 88
    sunzoutgunzout 88

    Truck is slow

  • Francisco Navarro
    Francisco Navarro

    Proud of you Doug I wanna be like you when I grow up.

  • Chad Kent
    Chad Kent

    Absolutely love the content!!

  • kilgore 64
    kilgore 64

    We gonna ignore the old man listening to da baby at 9:00 😂😂😂

  • Sigurd MC
    Sigurd MC

    I want a truck now I'm done with Hondas

  • Jake Miller
    Jake Miller

    9:03 was the old man playing da baby

  • Juan Carlos
    Juan Carlos

    The craziest from Pasadena.. California all day

  • Abdullaziz Khaled
    Abdullaziz Khaled

    gavin : i never ever ran any thing that fast the red twin turbo lambo that he ran : tf ???

  • Brian Keith
    Brian Keith

    I'm new to the channel, is there any rhyme or reason for the spermatic wrap job on the Mclaren?

  • Ivan Torres
    Ivan Torres

    You should go to the truck meets with them it gets crazyyyy

  • Riley Russell
    Riley Russell

    Doug needs to go to Rocky Mountain race week next time and enter the stick shift class with Leroy and cleetus and see what happens

  • daniel leija
    daniel leija

    Ondgas pa

  • Philly Dee
    Philly Dee


  • Hitler’s Missing testicle.
    Hitler’s Missing testicle.

    Was that old man playing suge?

  • young Sinatra
    young Sinatra

    B4 the race

  • young Sinatra
    young Sinatra

    Bro he racing a chevy doing all types of burnouts nd extra shit nd didn't check his fluids

  • Splatted Lids
    Splatted Lids

    where's lucifer ? shoulda used him ?

  • DarkSkies

    OnDgas Tekashi build is bad ass

    • Reeu

      Fr fr

  • Drew Key
    Drew Key

    Super cheap? 1200 hp could quite possibly have 60 to 70,000 dollars invested.

    • Reeu

      Idk how much it cost em for that set up exactly but even if it were 60k or 70 those boys have money and probably is cheap for the, lol. Also keep in mind it just has a big turbo, old fuel setup from their old truck, and stock bottom end/suspension i think lol.

  • Jonathan Stansell
    Jonathan Stansell

    21:10 that is the best kind of attitude!

  • Jonathan Stansell
    Jonathan Stansell

    18:54 andrew mad jealous

  • Dj Supra
    Dj Supra

    Freakin Badass Video Bro And Congrats On Those Runs 1 Thing That Stood Out To Me The Most Is You Staying Humble Despite The Win Or Car That Your Driving Huge Props For Not Being A Common Doooshhh Haha Keep These Videos Coming Everybody In This Video Seemed Chill Asf And Looked Hella Fun Being There Which Is What Counts The Most Stay Safe Yall God Bless Yall 🙏🙌

  • Dominic Allen
    Dominic Allen

    Who ever edited dababy playing with the old dude in the Silverado leaving is hilarious

  • Anker

    That new intro is pretty cool man

  • Ismael Almaguer
    Ismael Almaguer

    You should collab with Freddylsx

  • Stefan Berge
    Stefan Berge

    Ooaa that stang sounded nicee

  • Deebankroll !!
    Deebankroll !!

    Was motivated by your videos and bought a 2011 premium gt… I want to turn it into a track car any advice??????

  • Angel Silguero
    Angel Silguero

    the dude with the 4 wheeler hanging out with y’all 😭

  • joel llerenas
    joel llerenas

    Shit movesss😳🔥

  • Call me Lucifer
    Call me Lucifer

    You got your daily to run it. 1300 hp right?

  • Ricardo Quezada
    Ricardo Quezada

    Didn’t you race exotics on the gt350 stock motor days tho

  • Cammy Hammy
    Cammy Hammy

    “This is wild” make it a t-shirt

  • William Akers
    William Akers

    Guys truck blows up Doug: hold my beer

  • William Akers
    William Akers

    Doug: oh I just built everything myself #mic drop

  • Blaine Elliott
    Blaine Elliott

    Should have raced him on your street bike

  • Bigger Red
    Bigger Red

    Heck ya

  • MJusten7657

    Y’all should definitely do a cover of the ready or not song

  • Robert Davis
    Robert Davis

    Doug's car is good to go because he built it without you touching it lol.

  • julyo barron
    julyo barron

    To us from Houston burnout in the streets like it's normal 💀

  • Vinci

    how can yall have your windows open in 250kmh+ whilst when i have mine open in 70kmh my ears explode lmao

  • hoon-again

    Satan or Lucifer would eat that truck

  • Nelson Sandovaljr
    Nelson Sandovaljr

    Where the twin turbo gt350

  • LoneStar Yota
    LoneStar Yota

    Yo wtf lol the guy on the ATV lol just showing up everywhere

  • LoneStar Yota
    LoneStar Yota

    Damn when that truck opened up.....she was gone!!!!!!! Damn definitely following them now......basically the more Mexican version of yalls channel hahaha

  • Nelly B
    Nelly B

    Load of crap

  • Pug Whisper
    Pug Whisper

    I hate the new Snoop Dogg commercials because he’s more of a sellout then the Democratic Party all together


    did any one notice the old man listenin to dababy when he pulled off

  • David Askntell
    David Askntell

    Now i have hope for my chevy.

  • 101 GARAGE
    101 GARAGE

    Ondgas 😈

  • Tristan Shockley
    Tristan Shockley

    “Street truck” trailers it to the freeway i haven’t seen the race but Gavin and Doug already won cuz they have actual street cars

    • Tristan Shockley
      Tristan Shockley

      @Reeu that’s not a good excuse at all Gavin and Doug drove there if they wanna have a street truck they need to drive it no fuckin trailer it that’s lame plus I’m not watching they’re channel they seem like a bunch of cocky dumbasses

    • Reeu

      I mean they legit left to gavin's burnout spot after this and when there left right after since they had an event the next day to go to... And if you didn't know they're currently building a 2k+ hp full "race truck" and installed a radiator just so that they can daily drive it whenever they want lool.

  • CB

    Oh my runnin 8s, no safety....myyyyy guy

  • Carlos Barragan
    Carlos Barragan

    Ondgas baby ima take my cat eye here

  • Horsepower Haven
    Horsepower Haven

    I see yall are around Louisiana I wouldn't mind making a trip to Mexico with yall

  • Steven Pepin
    Steven Pepin

    Gavin-“ probably like 140 or 150” Speedometer-“168 when he let out”

  • acidspitfire459


  • Jrod Sumpthin
    Jrod Sumpthin

    "Proud Dad moment" Hell of a guy...

  • Lisa Smith
    Lisa Smith

    Love not The World, neither the things that be in The World, for whoever loves The World Hath Not The Love of The Father in Him." (For all these things are an abomination unto God...the Lust of the Flesh, The Eye of the Covetous, and The Pride of Life. I paraphrased the holy bible.) That said, nice wheels... Lisa Rae Rousseau

  • joel garcia
    joel garcia

    on d gas are monsters when it comes to trucks

  • Ethan McAllister
    Ethan McAllister

    Its cool to see the difference in automatic and manual transmissions in the name of consistent power delivery when you were racing doug. Not bashing anything, he was shifting exceptionally fast but still cool to see

  • Ali Ahmed
    Ali Ahmed

    Louisiana got that bad luck in the air 😂

  • Zack barnes
    Zack barnes


  • clayton brown
    clayton brown

    Where's poe tho.....???


    Why did I think the old man was listening to Dababy when driving off 😂

  • Blacksheep

    You know what....I'm starting to think they're not actually going to Mexico....that country old man got me thinking

  • Nelier.

    why didnt you use the gt350


    Doug Doug Doug fucking a man

  • EFlem

    I was physically cringing when i saw the the bare unwrapped hood dump exhaust on the ford right next to the charge pipe. I guess if it's running straight methanol it would be alright. But some exhaust wrap and gold heat reflect tape on the charge pipe would probably make her iat's happier.

  • Cody Oakley
    Cody Oakley

    The mustang is next give away

  • Jake David
    Jake David

    The film work 🤟👌 fucking mint

  • Bryan Leath
    Bryan Leath

    dougs shifting is nuts. his roush is going to be insane

  • Ryan Brouillet
    Ryan Brouillet

    I wanna see the black v street truck gavin

  • Bryan Leath
    Bryan Leath

    the content on this channel never fails to suffice 🎯

  • Abe Ballard
    Abe Ballard

    I say should have just sent the zl1 anyway.

  • 956 Boyz
    956 Boyz

    On d gas and itsjusta6 collab 👌🏽👌🏽

  • Darealtriplec

    Take the bed out the back of the truck

  • Mustafa Darem
    Mustafa Darem

    Brooooo I seen you at mustang invasion

  • Evan Collins
    Evan Collins

    The gt350 would be siiick to see against tht!

  • Evan Collins
    Evan Collins

    1300 horsepower mustang vs tht would be cool to see!

  • JoshLV

    4.5 more hours for answers! cant wait haha.

  • Daniel Sierra
    Daniel Sierra

    Wow that truck! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Ali Ahmed
    Ali Ahmed

    I know this isn't Poe's Channel or anything. But do you know what happened to him? He hasn't uploaded in a long minute. I really miss his videos. Hope he is doing well and I hope to see more collabs

  • No Limit HD
    No Limit HD

    Finally the mustang, your baby let's go 👊

  • Tony Corona
    Tony Corona

    On D gas 🔥

  • Ezra Wemp
    Ezra Wemp

    That damn truck is so fast 😂

  • dark demon
    dark demon

    You should turbo the McLaren

  • Eddy SVT
    Eddy SVT

    Turbo trucks fuck around and find out 😏

  • Liam Tapley
    Liam Tapley

    @14:44 in the rearview mirror did anybody else see the tires spinning 😳

  • Cesar's Garage
    Cesar's Garage

    Pos LS😂

  • AM Gaming
    AM Gaming

    Danggg I wanna see a part2

  • Donavin Trip
    Donavin Trip

    Great sportsmanship

  • Jason Hansen
    Jason Hansen

    Justa6 and on-d-gas are birds of a feather, neither of you can keep a car running for more than 20 mins unless its just a store bought racer......

  • 302 Nightmares
    302 Nightmares

    Man the RPG shirts gives away what’s about to happen with satan 😂😂😂🤣 can’t wait to see the new engine 🤨

  • Speed Demon
    Speed Demon

    Just put a Ford in the truck and it won’t blow up

  • Jarezy Munoz
    Jarezy Munoz

    but did yall see the OnTheGas wrap for the truck lol

  • nyxo w keys
    nyxo w keys

    you should make your mclaren a 1000hp monster