Tesla does NOT want you to fix their cars.

  • itsjusta6

    Now that the Tesla is on the ground and driving, we can start making some bigger progress on fixing it with it's new quarter panel! But first, we are still waiting on parts to fix the front end damage.. For the McLaren, it's great to have the car back running stronger than before! After the new exhaust, wrap, and a tune up... the car feels incredibly fast and it's almost ready for another track day! Don't forget that every $1 spent at WWW.DLS.STORE gets you automatically entered to win my Pandem V3 Rocket Bunny FRS!! (19:03)

    • Josue Conner
      Josue Conner

      @Conor Christopher No problem :)

    • Conor Christopher
      Conor Christopher

      @Josue Conner Thanks, I went there and it seems like a nice service :D I appreciate it!

    • Rory Bo
      Rory Bo

      @Josue Conner yup, I've been using FlixZone for since march myself :D

    • Josue Conner
      Josue Conner

      @Conor Christopher lately I have been using flixzone. You can find it on google :)

    • Conor Christopher
      Conor Christopher

      i realize it's kinda randomly asking but do anyone know a good place to watch new tv shows online ?

  • CamCamGaming

    I think you should do a BIG TURBO build on a ford fiesta ST

  • joel llerenas
    joel llerenas


  • Cammy Hammy
    Cammy Hammy

    Rip Tesla

  • Jason Schneeweiss
    Jason Schneeweiss

    I wonder if it's still going to supercharg?

  • Deimos Phob
    Deimos Phob

    My 4runner is at 222k miles and has never had an ac recharge and blows cold asf in arizona heat. Mclaren thats barely broken in under 10k miles? Im burning up in here!

  • michael mraz
    michael mraz

    Rich rebuild

  • Connor B
    Connor B

    What song at 13:10

  • Imaginary Friend
    Imaginary Friend

    I love how people Say We wanted to get this Tesla Running, like it has a Gas engine, it just gets me, you don't say, My washing Machine broke so I am trying to get it running again...

  • Christian Appleberry
    Christian Appleberry

    If you need any help, I am a technician at Tesla in California. Happy to help with anything!

  • Russell Hochmuth
    Russell Hochmuth

    Uhhh...so we replace the whole qtr instead of having a PDR guy come take care of the dents..


    Race the fsr

  • Garrett Hobbs
    Garrett Hobbs

    *buys another Miata* *puts in McLaren engine*

  • Gavin Weighknecht
    Gavin Weighknecht

    Your probably just gonna make it a giveaway car

  • No Hate All Beef
    No Hate All Beef


  • WhereTheFukDaBucketAt

    Anyone know the name of the song he was rapping???? Want to find it a give it a listen

  • TRD_SR5

    Pinch welds??? Edit: ohh you meant SPOT welds. 10-4

  • Kaden Gonzalez
    Kaden Gonzalez


  • Tienyel O, Farrell
    Tienyel O, Farrell

    200mph hit in the mclaren would be cool to see in mexico obvisly

  • X xXH4zZ4Xx X
    X xXH4zZ4Xx X

    Doug smiling after grinding mako made me scared of what that’s mans capable of

  • HellboyTitan Productions
    HellboyTitan Productions

    Plans for satan?

  • james j
    james j

    rich rebuilds has know this for year that is why he stopped

  • Invicta

    Bro I'm dead he actually said, "Get the car running" 😂 1:16

  • Scott Byrd
    Scott Byrd

    Is it alright if I use the song don't lose sight in my demo vehicle? I'll send you a link when it gets posted.

  • Charged

    bro just gona say that title makes you looks that you where living under a rock for 3 years

  • Jeremy Polk!
    Jeremy Polk!

    I like how he hyped up his super car while he casually had a GT350 sittin in the background that’s faster than any vehicle he owns😂

  • MrBaconator12

    Wide body the mclaren

  • It’s Vonn
    It’s Vonn

    the tesla is deffly the giveaway car

  • Lord TidePod
    Lord TidePod

    I have a question, if we don’t have Instagram and still entered to win, would they be contacted via email?

  • Hunter West
    Hunter West

    That 350z is clean as fuck

  • Cwade15 2015
    Cwade15 2015

    Man I don’t have any social media (Facebook,Twitter,Instagram etc.) the only thing I have is UZmatch but I love what you do. I am subscribed to your channels and wonder if there is a way to win on UZmatch.

  • Richard LaPoint
    Richard LaPoint

    Gavin: "oh this is where i scraped the ground, lets just pull out the grinder" on a mclaren no less 🤣🤣

  • Alex Ocampo
    Alex Ocampo

    I laughed so hard when he brought out that 1/4 panel!!!!

  • Angelo Borrelli
    Angelo Borrelli

    Mad a dls windshield banner

    • Angelo Borrelli
      Angelo Borrelli


  • What Chris
    What Chris

    Turbo the black car

  • 4kGaming Channel
    4kGaming Channel

    Hows the classic Camaro coming along?

  • SBZ

    Who else wants to see Gavin and the stradman make a bid together

  • Diesel Solution
    Diesel Solution

    We need more junk of the month

  • Rosie gujjar
    Rosie gujjar

    a can I get it me and my brother s follow you pis

  • liam czaplewski
    liam czaplewski

    What’s that outro song?

  • mrdauntless

    i guess rich rebuild didnt already say it a million times

  • Kostya Gozaloff
    Kostya Gozaloff

    What do you think about getting a BMW m4?

  • TheGspot_ 35
    TheGspot_ 35

    bruh whose g35 at 00:34 tho

  • DaddytechEnt

    *Now get it aligned and pop it over 200 MPH*

  • bigsarge803

    Contact @RichRebuilds

  • Kalvin Dick
    Kalvin Dick

    Your in vinwikki Avalon king add

  • Ian Thomas
    Ian Thomas

    I vote he strips the tesla completely and makes it a drag car

  • ExodusRiot

    The reason Tesla parts are so fucked and not even the same on same years and so hard to find is because they don't wait for new model years to make changes, they'll change shit mid production all the time whenever they find something they want to change, so Tesla's are basically a bunch of uniquely assembled Lego cars.

  • Matt Baldwin
    Matt Baldwin

    Why does the McLaren's clock say the year is 1970 😂😂

  • The Man
    The Man

    So what? They are still better than anything on the road and if it is Elon's vision, then I am uo for it. In Musk we trust and boycott ICE.

  • Ruly 2V
    Ruly 2V

    200mph club

  • Silent Cinema
    Silent Cinema

    nobody: nice mclaren justa6 6: im not a rapper nobody: no i was talking about the... 6: im not a rapper nobody: .... 6: "drops rap song"

    • Connor B
      Connor B

      Do you know what's he's rapping at 13:10

  • RYANo

    That Tesla work looks scary. 👀

  • Robert Fetterman
    Robert Fetterman

    Take your mom and or your sister in Mako #reationvid

  • badguy Gomez
    badguy Gomez

    For the cops in the channel the 140 he hit is Kilometer per hour not mile

  • Rick J
    Rick J

    Spot welds not tack welds just FYI

  • Sean Gamblin
    Sean Gamblin

    Lol it’s turned into a b is for build with that tesla good luck Gavin

  • Sebastian Bougeois
    Sebastian Bougeois

    i would kill for a ride in that

  • arsenio camargo
    arsenio camargo

    Don't say I didn't tell you bro

  • José Teodoro
    José Teodoro


  • Jeff Clifton
    Jeff Clifton

    that 350z in the background is CLEANNNN

  • LordZeloxy

    We’re those his lyrics he was spitting or someone else’s!

  • King_mundo

    “Stock mclarens are just not it”😂

  • JDN Styles Car life Nelson
    JDN Styles Car life Nelson

    The front a fender not a quarter panel . And the could be why they don't want u fixing it . Lol

  • MegaaMike

    I just want to see the cars up and running. I dont care which one.

  • Chris

    Now to wait for fast charging to get turned off because there were repairs made to the car outside a dealership

  • mambisquickRob

    They should have just sent the donor car and have you send back whatever you didn't use.....

  • Emanuel Perez
    Emanuel Perez

    Yay itsjusta6 and crew does gaming now

  • ItzTopPlayzz

    Itsjusta6 umm Xbox???

  • Tim Payne
    Tim Payne

    I knew without a doubt this was going to be an issue.

  • Devoid


  • MegaTime01

    No no no no no no you do not start the video off by holding an Xbox one X whatever it’s called stud six I can’t even get it you have delivered so many of them why why why

  • Haydn

    what was the song at the end

  • Shawn Vail
    Shawn Vail

    McLaren vs tesla, winner vs lucifer

  • Kevin Thomas
    Kevin Thomas

    Are those spot welds or self piercing rivets on the Tesla?

  • DiscreetPrism53

    "all you gotta do" "Beep beep beep beep'

  • Connor Alexander
    Connor Alexander

    If you put the new latch off the donor car onto the new car the new door should work

  • james villalobos
    james villalobos

    That 350z tho

  • CapsRoo

    im sorry to sound like an asshole. but please cover or blur the speedometer. if an asshole complains about a McLaren running around crazy and shows them this as "proof" they can use it against you. dont want you to get fucked by having fun. love you gavin and the whole team 😎✊🏻

  • io Chilz oi
    io Chilz oi

    I hate on a lot of you tubers for owning supercars because they didn’t do much to get it, but Gavin truly has worked his ass off day and day and deserves so much more. Keep on grinding Gavin

    • Richard LaPoint
      Richard LaPoint

      Yeah some of these youtubers that pose as car people and do NONE of their own work and have supercars 🙄. But Gavin has been right there getting his hands dirty on his own cars. Super dope and much respect.

  • Connor Rankin
    Connor Rankin

    I’m totally the Connor that helped him out. Totalyyyyy

  • Joseph Hudson
    Joseph Hudson

    We’re gonna give you this Xbox mrbeast who is Superior gives someone 40 cars some people care more about their subs than others


    This is why I hate electric fucking cars, because the manufacturer's that made them, that they don't sell parts for their own cars so lesson learned bois and/or girls don't buy electric ball shaving powered trimmer

  • Jon Hines
    Jon Hines

    And now he learns Tesla’s twisted ways

  • G. E.
    G. E.

    Im tuning back in just cuz you have a beard now lol

  • Grant Grevenstuk
    Grant Grevenstuk

    Would love to see more of Doug’s car!

  • Blayk Richardson
    Blayk Richardson

    You need to take the testicala to precision car care and get them to wash it

  • Alex Vences
    Alex Vences

    Who’s 350z 🧐🧐

  • Trainman765

    I’d like to see more track days not just street racing.

  • Dom Green
    Dom Green

    When is the black car coming back?

  • PLATINUM lol
    PLATINUM lol

    What song did he quote?

    • Connor B
      Connor B

      Ikr, i wanna know


    @itsjusta6 talk to @RichRebuilds on YT hes the man that knows all !!

  • Jesus perez
    Jesus perez

    Man , it is dangerous to have your car on in the garage while it’s closed, you could’ve died fam

  • Xbox SeriesX
    Xbox SeriesX

    That Maclaren wrap looks like it is a black wrap that got fucked up on an orange car. Gavin probably hates it but is so nice he will leave it on until he falls off. Grandmas itchy shitty hand made Christmas that you had to wear every Christmas

  • Austin

    Never would I ever work on a Tesla. Just keep away from that battery or be careful because you can have as much as 1500 amps running through certain cables and will turn you into a barbeque

  • Xbox SeriesX
    Xbox SeriesX

    Rich rebuilds collab

  • UnWrecked

    I literally just drove to long island and loaded a 1/4 of a 370z into my kia sorento to replace my quarter panel on my 370z lol. Good times.

  • Artiq

    Semen demon vs mako

  • mark scully
    mark scully

    stupidly low = stupid owner = unusable= looks stupid=grow up and get over it

  • Rene Rodriguez
    Rene Rodriguez

    He casually working with his Rolex on 👌🏻