Satan Turbo Kit Update | Legacy Satan Clone Build begins! & GIVEAWAY WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT!
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  • itsjusta6

    It feels SO GREAT to finally start swapping parts from Satan over to Legacy!! 😁 Which part added to the GT350 was your favorite addition? I'd say mine has to be the wicker bill 🤤 Also, Congratulations to Nathan for being our final #SaveTheManuals giveaway winner!! I'm super stoked to hear how excited he was about receiving the car and I can't wait to see what he ends up doing with it! Do NOT miss your chance to get 1776 BONUS ENTRIES to win Legacy the GT350!!!!! This is a big deal! That's $1,776 worth of entries for free! All you have to do is just buy something from on July 4th and the additional 1776 entries will automatically be added!

    • Phoenix Sikes
      Phoenix Sikes

      Yo literally my dream car just🥵🤤

    • Anything Allen
      Anything Allen

      Did I see a grand national and svt terminator cobra 🤔🤔

    • Landon Labranch
      Landon Labranch

      just got that +1776 just in time

    • Rahsean St. Louis
      Rahsean St. Louis

      Do you have to be from the states to win?

    • J Fib
      J Fib

      @Landon Hammons same here, put your dad's name in the order instead of yours. If you win, the car will go under your dad's name because he is over 18.

  • NBS Sean
    NBS Sean

    So your telling me i have 50k entries in this car i only spent 31 bucks 😂 aint no way bruh

  • Owen Adams
    Owen Adams

    I dont think putting satans old parts on legacy is a good idea😅


    Love the content man, I’ve been watching for a while and I just caught this video. I was thinking imagine if you did a nod to Shelby and and had a department in itsjusta6 that gives facelift and custom mods to all kinds of cars for the public to make appointments for and designs upgrades to vehicles.

  • Crow

    So basically. The GT350 is a 2stroke car

  • Ahmed Omera
    Ahmed Omera

    Just picked up a sticker, if that gt350 ends up being mine ima cry

  • Cuban C Vlogs
    Cuban C Vlogs

    My stuff just arrived great quality 👍🏽

  • Jose Rodriguez-Lua
    Jose Rodriguez-Lua

    This build is beyond insane

  • Full Voltage
    Full Voltage

    These videos man. I always come back to em. After crashing my old car, my Beemer then getting a new car, a skyline. Then crashing it not even a month after. These videos help lots with inspiration to keep going through the worst luck spree of my life.

  • anthony lengua
    anthony lengua

    Videos ass now

  • LS swapped envoy
    LS swapped envoy

    Hi Gavin I don't know if this has been asked before but I'm wondering if us Canadians can enter the giveaways

  • SimbaGizmo

    Whats the name of the song in 18:47

  • Diego A. Barrientos
    Diego A. Barrientos

    It needs the same ferrada wheels that were previously on satan when he was just a streetcar

  • Khalid Al Mohammad
    Khalid Al Mohammad

    Remove the red badge on the trunk and put the gt350 badge on

  • Leo segura
    Leo segura

    Might be late to this but I’m on my way to the website 🗡 Amazing the things you guys do 🥶 Update: Got my order in📍

  • Tex

    Hey when entering the giveaway by buying some merch, is there a specific way to enter the giveaway while making the purchase? or once you buy whatever you want you just automatically are entered? I just was confused cause i assumed it would ask for some information from me after checking out

  • Pops Smith
    Pops Smith

    Holy cow it’s been almost 3 years since I first started watching

  • r0m0 Snipez
    r0m0 Snipez

    Why is Doug not installing it ?!! Wth He still here ?!

  • jason cox
    jason cox

    I'm so happy about this! 🤘🤘🤘🤘😎


    Call seem set up

  • Cameron Chaviers
    Cameron Chaviers

    That’s the best intro ever 😂😂😂

  • Aaron Cover
    Aaron Cover

    Anyone else realize the gt 350 now has a coyote badge on the trunk now

  • joe bill
    joe bill

    Rips the pump hose off cause he didn’t take it out 😂

  • Fabian Garibay
    Fabian Garibay

    Hell yeah!! 🤙🏽👁👄👁🤙🏽

  • Fabian Garibay
    Fabian Garibay

    Dude that cobra in the back

  • Brock lackey
    Brock lackey

    you’ve came to far bro i’ve been here and my by far favorite video was the leaf blower and the tacoma love it man keep going 💪🏽

  • Bac6ik

    Did no one notice they left the gas pump handle in the cars gas tank when he got in the car and then when he went to leave it ended up back on the gas pump and he never touched it 😂

  • xander arthur
    xander arthur


  • Sam Manda
    Sam Manda

    Car looks sick washed

  • Sam Manda
    Sam Manda

    If I ever win anything ever. This would be great 👍

  • hilario cachua
    hilario cachua

    Who else knows how Gavin got the itjusta6 name 🤔 og fan btw

  • Joshua Ramos
    Joshua Ramos

    i want legacy so damn bad. maybe this will be the one 🤞🏼

  • TGlade

    gavin, PLEASE make shirts with the flag in the 6 that design would be badass

  • Bob James
    Bob James

    Itsjusta6 buys hellcat… waiting for it:/

  • jayson escoe
    jayson escoe

    Kinda wondering what was in that box, that had Gavin, about choked up idk!!! Seemed odd!!!

  • Repurpose

    COOL BUILD/SERIES IDEA: You should do a budget build on how to make 1200+ horsepower or run 8s in the quarter mile on a coyote engine like start off stock engine then do small internals like forged rods pistons and see if you can get there if not build the engine by yourself by adding the weak points and try to find out how much it costs. Btw the reason Satan is iconic was because no one really covered what you can do by slightly modifying the coyote engine and it intrigued us. No other UZmatchr is really doing that.

  • thomas thomasman
    thomas thomasman

    0:38 mans looks like Adam LZ

  • Roger Edwards
    Roger Edwards

    Been here since 3000 subscribers gang

  • John F
    John F

    You guys getting creative… awesome

  • Snare _T
    Snare _T

    I’m going to miss the wicker bill on satan

  • Louis Sabourin
    Louis Sabourin

    Miss that car soo bad 😪🔥

  • Tyler Will
    Tyler Will

    Congratulations Nick that's right Don't Lose Sight I'm broke and I've never been able to buy anything to enter but I am really gonna try for this 350 giveaway because I really love the black car so I'd love to own the legacy. It might or might not happen but ether way I'll always keep watching because All the Guys at Gavins shop are awesome people and just keep doing what your doing and Don't Lose Sight

  • mason schroeder
    mason schroeder

    Is he giving away his race car or lucifer

  • Mike Wright
    Mike Wright

    Whats in the box!?

  • Vibez Droxz
    Vibez Droxz

    Really gonna miss the Frs man

  • Nick

    7 is super early ?🤣🤣

  • Devin Stacy
    Devin Stacy

    I've been with u since the Camaro plus the intro was so bad ass with the camrao but damn yall came up

  • Kevin Garcia
    Kevin Garcia

    Taylors hat lol

  • Sorrymom

    This video is done more like a tv show I don’t really think I like it

  • killerzcrazy101

    Man just won the best looking frs in his state 😂😂

  • Jeff Arnott
    Jeff Arnott

    Pissed I missed the 1776 entries but still just dropped $100 to get free shipping😂love you guys. Keep doing what you’re doing. Much love

  • Mike Allen
    Mike Allen

    no shit, Casco is like 15 minutes from me, hopefully i get to see that FRS cruisin

  • Christopher Holloway
    Christopher Holloway

    Gavin should’ve put on a gopro to wash legacy

  • Lennon Hunt
    Lennon Hunt

    so we’re just gonna ignore the gas nozzle magically being put back

  • Conner Botkin
    Conner Botkin

    No one gonna say anything bout buddy wearing and only fans hat? 😂

  • Moneyfirst 901
    Moneyfirst 901

    I know this has nothing to don’t have anything to do with the video But I seen the orange Camaro yesterday that bitch sounds good in person 💪🏼💪🏼

  • 214 Deleon
    214 Deleon

    Can a 16 year old win with his big brothers information ?

  • Jeff Schmitt
    Jeff Schmitt

    Anyone else kind of chuckle at the fact that he has a gt that he made look like a gt350. And now he's got a gt350 and is making it look like his gt.

  • Chaotic 5.0
    Chaotic 5.0

    This beast is going to turn out insane, can’t wait til it’s done

  • BATMAN - D
    BATMAN - D

    Did anybody else notice in the beginning of the video that the gas handle was still inside the Mustang when he got in the car and started up 😂😂😂

  • Jeff Schmitt
    Jeff Schmitt

    I'd have to say that was the best intro yet!

  • CarsTV

    Just made 2 orders for what I think is 3660 entries fingers crossed I love manual mustangs

  • Scared Hamster
    Scared Hamster

    1800$ for a bumper?! Bruhhh I can get a new bumper for 40$ lmao

  • Salvador Flores
    Salvador Flores

    Oh Lord hopefully i win I'll finally upgrade from my 3v mustang

  • Michael Verrette
    Michael Verrette

    Are y’all going to leave the coyote badge in the trunk lid or change it back to the Shelby badge?

  • Troy Pickard
    Troy Pickard

    Gt 350 when you start it after you swap the trunk : “ put my mf trunk back on me”

  • Kadin Lamp
    Kadin Lamp

    Ive been waiting for this vid!!! I feel that the black car is going to be wrapped soon with all that dust on her.

  • TREX2463

    almost drove away with that gas pump in that self promo lmao

  • chayton campbell
    chayton campbell

    15:20 flash backs to him throwing the headlights in the oven

  • Joe Edmondson
    Joe Edmondson

    Imma enter into legacy giveaway with my next paycheck and I’m hoping I win. Love the content

  • Tanner Mann
    Tanner Mann

    That intro had me dying😂😂 he popped out of nowhere shirtless

  • Ryan Hensley
    Ryan Hensley

    WAIT, you DIDNT ask what he bought this time?!!??!!??

  • Gabriel Burdick
    Gabriel Burdick

    You gonna switch out the badges on the trunk tho ??

  • Chad Korea
    Chad Korea

    And in the background we have zorbii's wild payday in its purest form waiting to approach its prey

  • Jordan Cook
    Jordan Cook

    If they throw a vmp blower on the 350 give a way it will truly be legacy 💯

  • Miami Living 305
    Miami Living 305

    Ya left the gas pump in the car before ya drove off lol

  • DB Cromartie
    DB Cromartie

    Love seeing this happening, I decided to order myself a new hat from you guys (missed the entry bonus but care about supporting more) as my current hats according to my wife need to be burned - next to the Foxbody's this has to be one of my favorite body styles that Ford introduced. This is one of my dream cars, but even more my wife's. Whoever wins this will be one beyond happy camper. Been following the channel for a few years now and you've progressed soo much man.

  • Katuuo E.I.M
    Katuuo E.I.M

    Hell yah the intro. ..😂😂😂.Itjusta6...

  • Jacob Doudna
    Jacob Doudna

    Backs into the gas station parking lot and back out of it 🤣

  • Mike D
    Mike D

    Question... Are you gonna change the red and black Coyote badge off Satan's old trunk with the wicker bill? Mismatching badges lol

  • Luco Plays
    Luco Plays

    Daniel's car in the back ground 😂 of the intro

  • Kasen

    Do another building a subscribers car like the last mustang y’all did. That was really cool!

  • The BAM Fam
    The BAM Fam

    That stang looks beautiful 😍

  • Liam Morrin
    Liam Morrin

    No way I live in flat rock Michigan. That’s so cool. I live like 5 minutes down the road

  • S1LENT

    Taking a line from Michelle Rodriguez in the first Fast and the Furious praying to the car gods about this giveaway for Legacy. The Shelby GT350 is my dream car. I would react just like Nathan did with the Scion FRS

  • Matt Grimes
    Matt Grimes

    Remember the first set of black wheels you put on the other car? Try to find those exact wheels and put them on cause those were absolutely beautiful

  • Nathan Michalak
    Nathan Michalak

    So uh we just not gonna mention that the fuel handle was still in the car when he got in and then I teleported back to the pump 😂😂 that shit was good though.

  • Alex Wells
    Alex Wells

    The only fans hat 🧢😂

  • Jahn Weakley
    Jahn Weakley

    I’m sorry, but was that yung gravy I heard y’all bumpin in the beginning?

  • Daren Boyer
    Daren Boyer

    The other black car had corsa exhaust

  • James Baltz
    James Baltz

    RIP Paul walker

  • Noah MacDonald
    Noah MacDonald

    Sucks I’m 14 or I’d buy some merch to win the give away car

  • ilijha critten
    ilijha critten

    My dream car 😍

  • Deadly_kitten56

    I love yalls intros when yall start new giveaways

  • ilijha critten
    ilijha critten

    Technically the black car is that car reincarnated

  • Peter Tappan
    Peter Tappan

    The garage is to clean. Like 😒 WTF! Lol

  • King

    New phone needed???

  • michael Adyniec
    michael Adyniec

    The exact reason GT350’s are my dream cars

  • Trent Ironside
    Trent Ironside

    I’m praying for this give away. #MAKERACINGGREATAGAIN


    When he saw the oil filter 27:13

580 ming