Lucifer is having trouble and we don't know why..

  • itsjusta6

    Well... We’re pretty much stuck at the moment. The only thing left that we can do with the GT350 is send the injectors off to get flow tested before pulling the engine for further diagnosing. Hopefully we find something soon! 🤞 Have you gotten your entries in to win the FRS? Head to right now and every $1 spent is 1 entry in to win! Also you might want to set a reminder for next Wednesday's upload and turn notifications on, something cool is coming 🤫

    • dailylife

      Dirty injector

    • dailylife

      That car should start up better than that something is not right check the plugs they always tell you something, then check the simple things first

    • Dallas Letersky
      Dallas Letersky

      Bad ground in the wiring harness. Only occurs in the engine harmonics at certain rpm.

    • Daily Driven Racecars
      Daily Driven Racecars

      If you have a knock sensor i would turn it off. It could be a harmonic issue.

    • BGunt

      Direct wire the pumps and if you have a Hobbs switch bypass it. Might fix it

  • Adin Osmic
    Adin Osmic

    im 2 months late but maybe a boosta pump issue?

  • Nando Adame
    Nando Adame

    What's the name of the spoiler that he has?

  • Aakash Pandey
    Aakash Pandey


  • joel llerenas
    joel llerenas

    Always get to work on the cars but never enjoy them😂😭

  • Cammy Hammy
    Cammy Hammy


  • dailylife

    Clean the injectors

  • SandoLsx

    A lot late on the video lol but maybe fuel filter? Don’t know if you guys have fixed the issue?

    • Nazira Martina
      Nazira Martina

      He said on Twitter that they might have found the issue. That was today.

  • Bryan Leath
    Bryan Leath

    can’t wait for lucifer to get back out there. one day at a time!!!

  • Sam Manda
    Sam Manda

    Pos !!! Put it in a giveaway. 😆

  • I Like Turtles
    I Like Turtles

    I would try putting a different ecu into it

  • Michael Garay
    Michael Garay

    Your guys lethal performance discount code isn’t working anymore

  • Gustavo Natividad
    Gustavo Natividad

    Shiiit hit up the guys from street outlaws lol.

  • phat lard
    phat lard

    Yes the breakup was happening to my foxbody at abt 3k what we did was some timing spark plugs and plug wires and it works now

  • Bob Pop
    Bob Pop

    is the timing right


    Check the output shaft speed sensor/output shaft flange nut. There is a TSB stating the nut could be loose allowing the output shaft tone ring to move in relation to the output shaft causing an erroneous signal. It could be just at the particular RPM range? It sounds like a misfire too me - Almost like spark blowout. How tight is the gap on the plugs?

  • Jordan Scheurer
    Jordan Scheurer

    Understand through out some ideas here just because I had breaking up issues with my Jeep and it ended up being the ground that went from the head to the firewall you've already checked everything else that I would have checked. Is it possible that it could be a throttle body issue?

  • Mikey M.
    Mikey M.

    I don’t think this is the problem, but could it be the fuel rail. Maybe it restricting flow to injectors or the injectors are pulling hard and cause the far injector to have a inconsistent fueling to back pistons.

  • Ramon Castaneda
    Ramon Castaneda

    How that fuel filter lookin🥴

  • BGunt

    Direct wire the pumps and if you have a Hobbs switch bypass it. Might fix it

  • Grimm’s Garage
    Grimm’s Garage

    If the Injector balance test goes good it has to be weak spark due to the new tune or possibly the fuel volume through the inlet from pump. If it’s the same company/tuner then it might have reached that bottle neck in the system. Maybe the valves are mistimed/floating or the tune is not set up for the ms of delay needed in increase of rpm.

  • Grimm’s Garage
    Grimm’s Garage

    Could it possibly be the cam lockout reading different on the tune until 6k? If the engine is dripping off like that seems like a mechanical issue if before hand the afr is steady until that rpm. Just a question I figured I ask. Maybe the chains are stretching a degree or two or the tuning is set up with non-optimal degrees of timing after that rpm.

  • Aj Satterwhite
    Aj Satterwhite

    Never messed with high horse power cars, but couldnt be a vaccum leak caused by crank pressure? Which is why your only seeing it at certain rpm ranges

  • swaggboiii

    Take it to midnight

  • Isaiah

    Send your shit to Houston to get worked on the right way and get a car built that actually works for more than a week. Smh

  • Grip Garage
    Grip Garage

    Oh, Lund.......

  • Tyler Domiano
    Tyler Domiano

    Sounds like a bad ground or faulty injector/injector related

  • Levi Kroeker
    Levi Kroeker

    maybe its the mechanic lol seems everything he owns blows right after being fixed, always fixing not enough driving.

  • Chase

    You build these cars half ass you say drag car you dragged raced like 2 times can’t stand this channel anymore it’s all about having supper nice highend stuff and you don’t help build shit you sit there

  • A B
    A B

    Anyone remember where Gavin got the euro taillight for the gt350 ?

  • Deshawn Stewart
    Deshawn Stewart

    Change the coil packs

  • Evelyn Kayla Perriotti
    Evelyn Kayla Perriotti

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  • Matthew Kraehling
    Matthew Kraehling

    Gavin. I ve always felt like your into could have one small change. Instead of being hit at 28 seconds. Doing a launch control pull and filming the reaction would go perfectly with the music.

  • Darkestral Kwt
    Darkestral Kwt

    You own it ofcourse its gonna have some issues!

  • Shifty

    Could your fuel the pulsating in the rail to cause it I know they make fuel dampers for that

  • Doug

    Maybe it's a bad v-tech solenoid

  • vais3

    Could be something with the turbo compressor approaching the surge line momentarily. Maybe ramping up boost a bit differently would cure it? MAF volume may be something to watch over boost pressure.

  • Gerry Spaeth
    Gerry Spaeth

    Not to hate but I stopped watching months ago because cars never worked, figured I'd check in. Cars not working,bro..

  • Eric Ortiz
    Eric Ortiz

    Maybe ckp sensor? My Silverado would do the same

  • Luke Martineau
    Luke Martineau

    Sooooooooo when’s Lucifer gettin that Corsa Exhaust??? 👀👀👀👀👀👀

  • Mene Center
    Mene Center

    LS swap it

  • Eric Paules
    Eric Paules

    Could the fuel be pulsing in the fuel rail? I mean you are throwing a lot a fuel in to it fast.

  • Emanuel Perez
    Emanuel Perez

  • Alex Davis
    Alex Davis

    Bud, Stang mode has been having problems with his 2020 Shelby but see the comments on this episode of yours. I've seen the comments and there saying it's a electrical issue, as far as ground. But please get with Stang mode, make a episode where your both channels come together. But look at the comments, there REALLY TRYING to help you. God bless you and hope more episodes to come. From me: hope you get that new 2020 Shelby and convert it to a manual 😁

  • Joshua Eacott
    Joshua Eacott

    A drop in fuel pressure would indicate a flow issue to the injectors, a weird varience to AFR from a external working wideband indicates a fuel supply issue, if there isn't a surge in boost or a reduction in boost at the RPM range, then that won't be affecting AFR's. If we move up the line you could have a valve issue, either not letting enough fuel, or letting too much fuel in, but considering its a new engine and that would display as different issues too. At a certain RPM more voltage is required to allow spark plugs, injectors etc to fire, so what could be happening is your ground to power might not be 1:1, and there could be too much or too little resistance at that point thats causing the electronics to not be able to do what it's supposed to do. I would recommend to check all ground wires, battery terminals, check all injector and fuel pump wiring for continuity to rule out whether those are faulty, however what I recommend to everyone when I speak to them about engine works and electronic stuff is to when you've made massive changes, like more electronics etc, is to increase the gauage of the wiring used on both the power and ground wires. Its a tedious job, but considering the change in the tune did nothing and its happening now, I would suggest you might have some burnt out wires, either on the injector, fuel pump wiring side, could also be wiring to the coil packs. I believe strongly its a WIRING and ELECTRICAL issue rather than a mechanical issue. RPM based usually indicates an electrical problem due to interference in the wiring circuit.

  • Build Auto T.
    Build Auto T.

    Better yet if you just did spark plugs check the pig tails make sure they ground or signal wire on 1 or more has not pushed out. Sorry for double comments

  • Build Auto T.
    Build Auto T.

    Yea that sound like your injectors are hitting max duty cylce. But they realistically have some trash. If not i would check valves. See if they are leaking by bad enough that can't hold pressure at that rpm range. Or your coil pack harness is losing ground from ecu/ cam sync at that rpm range. Lol

  • Caleb Borden Outdoors
    Caleb Borden Outdoors

    Notice the flags on the back wall at 3:24 after the car revs all the way

  • Eric Kananowicz
    Eric Kananowicz

    Could some timing be off with the valves where they are staying open for a hair longer than they should ?, idk just throwing a thought out there

  • jfnshrbsivdvshr hskbehsbbdb
    jfnshrbsivdvshr hskbehsbbdb

    My buddy had the same thing going on with his sti high rpm little stutters. Turn out it was his pump relays. They would spark out high rpms and lean it out and would keep the same boost. But who knows. I would look at coil packs.

  • Morgatt Fpv
    Morgatt Fpv

    Spark blow out, when the fuel not egnites it wont show lean on afr it Will show rich had the same problem om One of My cars i built, try to make sparkgap smaller

  • William Akers
    William Akers

    Get entered to win the new giveaway car lmao

  • 360Minecraft

    Thank you for making this video you have made my day. Yesterday i was going to a car meet but i couldn't make it and im still a lil bit sad-mad. but seeing you push thru problems is giving me corage and i just wanna thank you. Hope you fix it.

  • Samuel Smith
    Samuel Smith

    2000 hp Chevy ??

  • Devin Tortorich
    Devin Tortorich

    Pulse ring?

  • Jay San
    Jay San

    Maybe you should try buying an ob2 scanner to see the problem, like "blue driver", Chrisfix has a tutor vid about it though. PS: hope my suggestion makes things better.

  • Darren Hodge
    Darren Hodge

    Nice video, but where's jess

  • Alex Mendez
    Alex Mendez

    How do you wash your cars that are wrapped?

  • Jayse VanBlargan
    Jayse VanBlargan

    You might have blown a head gasket.. I have a dirt track car that did the same thing it would run great until you hit a higher rpm & would pop and sputter.

  • A҉n҉g҉r҉y҉ ҉Y҉a҉n҉k҉ R҉C҉
    A҉n҉g҉r҉y҉ ҉Y҉a҉n҉k҉ R҉C҉

    I am wondering if this car came from a state with specific performance car cutooffs, AKA the tattletale box they had on Vettes that logs RPM, torque and speed loggin it and flashing it to a file... They may have a auto engine ignition cutoff set on performance cars to disable the engine when it hits a specific set RPM in this case at 6,000 RPM its disabling or distorting the signal to the coil

  • Leland Batiste
    Leland Batiste

    that name will always give you trouble in the end.

  • Christian Cornwell
    Christian Cornwell

    Seems like a crank sensor issue/ cam sensor issue to me. The way it cranks sounds odd and like its taking longer than expected trying to find out where everything is. I've seen a couple cars with bad cps run fine till high rpm when the gap between the sensor and the reluctor become too far apart and the vibrations cause it to rattle and not pick up the signal as good. Lund should be able to see this in the log file. If nothing else i would try changing crank and cam sensors and see if the issue persists.

  • ArrowTheProtoWolf

    Ok. Theory time! Have y’all checked the timing belt? It’s a shot in the dark but still.

  • jeff seaver
    jeff seaver

    Why does it sound like someone made a timing change when you're trying to start it?

  • majormax 37
    majormax 37

    Can y'all get a Mopar next

  • Javontay Smith
    Javontay Smith

    Is anyone else around the states having a gas shortage w regular gas and unleaded 15

  • Duncan’s Custom Builds
    Duncan’s Custom Builds

    Could it be the fuel rails. I can’t remember if those were upgraded and it could be the third pump creating a weird flow pattern that affects it for a split second.

  • Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    Wow that sucks! Hope you figure it out soon.

  • Jose J Uvence
    Jose J Uvence

    If it’s not fuel and it’s not spark then maybe airflow

  • Jose J Uvence
    Jose J Uvence

    Maybe the throttle body? Could be dirty or malfunctioning.

  • R/C_514 studio
    R/C_514 studio

    Maybe just maybe, vibrations causes your throttle body to act funny or maybe check all the grounding points while doing a pull...

  • Jorden Snetter
    Jorden Snetter

    My car did the same thing when my o2 sensor went out

  • WillisKeesel

    Wtf? 15:35 THE DOOR

  • Willem Van Der Nest
    Willem Van Der Nest

    Guys please replace the crank agle sensor. I had this issue in the past

  • Will Roski
    Will Roski

    Coils or dwell

  • Zach Burdiss
    Zach Burdiss

    Possibly a bad ECU but who's to say

  • Torri Benear
    Torri Benear

    Did you sell your mustang

  • Robert coach
    Robert coach

    It’s cursed with a name like that. You should give it away to me and you won’t have anymore issues with the car 😬

  • Braydon Abney
    Braydon Abney

    Are you pushing enough fuel but the injectors aren’t able to push enough fuel out


    The problem with Lucifer is it's a mustang

  • Woozy Gamer
    Woozy Gamer

    cant you guys race that old man white the hellcat against lucifer

  • Kevin

    needs an ecu box, not a huge deal, some just dont like high power input while being vibrated. Literally buy one from a wrecker and reprogram it will solve all your issues, $300 4 bolts 2 plugs

  • yunus roomaney
    yunus roomaney

    Maybe the pumps can’t keep up or the regulator has a damaged diaframe .. maybe try pushing up the pressure. Bigger injectors?

  • yunus roomaney
    yunus roomaney

    Might wana make the plug gaps abit tighter or try a different type of plug? Just thinking out loud...

  • Zach Pinion
    Zach Pinion

    So what is it’s your fuel pump cutting on and off really fast making it choppy on the Dino or something cutting fuel on and off hope it helps

  • Sanford Motorsports
    Sanford Motorsports

    Is it me... or has anyone been here since the tornado video, where it destroyed his entire city, college campus, and more.. The real ones / fans will like this comment.


    if it not a compresion prob then its probly a sensor prob but change ur fule filter set a better ground on each pump and run sum ethanol should solve th issue i cant see any other prob lemme no if it works take off ur calleted converter its nothing but trouble for performance

  • Mcpc Gaming
    Mcpc Gaming

    Check the fuel see if it’s actually e85 or if it’s lower

  • e Xzaliber
    e Xzaliber

    Gavins luck Chevy-Breaks immediately Ford-Works on them and makes them the best cars ever but cant Make Them Run Right

  • Jimmy Ngo
    Jimmy Ngo


  • Nicholas Pratscher
    Nicholas Pratscher

    connect a voltage meter to a cig lighter or through obd while you run it

  • Ashton Ebke
    Ashton Ebke

    Try new spark plugs and new injectors

  • Ashton Ebke
    Ashton Ebke

    Gavin this car is having the same problems starting like the black car

  • Jordy

    Try checking all your fuel lines

  • Eric T
    Eric T

    Stupid question... have you checked other cars on the dyno recently? Could be that the dyno is messed up

  • Creative Lemon
    Creative Lemon

    Check grounds and watch for a drop in volts. 6k seems to be where the 3rd pump kicks on. Fuel pressure seemed normal but those gauges are slow to respond to small dips.

  • Jason Taylor
    Jason Taylor

    Hey i ordered a jacket and got sent the wrong size

  • twadam

    Why does that thing seem to start terrible. Injectors is a good place to start.

  • Drew James
    Drew James

    Lol, ya'll never know why... Stay to stock cars & leave the modified shit to guys who don't wear skinny jeans.

  • Tanner Mann
    Tanner Mann

    RIP Luc😢😢💔