The Last Race in the Truck before BOOST!!

  • itsjusta6

    I think it's safe to say this was NOT the outcome any of us were expecting 😂 The GT350 was definitely the fastest car of the bunch but Daniel's Mustang caught everyone off guard, including himself! Now I think the next benchmark for the F150 to race should be the ZL1 👀 which car do you think should be next? You can get a 2016 GT350 from 😉 Every $1 spent will get you automatically entered to win!

    • JB Tv Nation
      JB Tv Nation

      Dang bro I’m begging to get my Lexus done by you guys literally it’s alway was my dream to have a 2jz swap completely built

    • chase miller
      chase miller

      Justa6 is the one that got me into mustangs they are worth ur money my brother had a 2016 5.0 tuned with a straight pipes and a ghost tune and it sounded amazing and it was freaking quick

    • Wickedshotts

      Shifting from Manuel to drive

    • AHMED

      You should give daniel your old vmp blower

    • StimPoppinAnimal #
      StimPoppinAnimal #

      Not suppose to shift an automatic gearbox like that while in motion

  • Kwezzy

    I can’t wait for the truck videos again. That run with the coyote mustang and Shelby 350 was great! That coyote engine is impressive.

  • Adan Fuentes
    Adan Fuentes

    Job security

  • Paul Meijer
    Paul Meijer

    Missing 2nd gear. It's definitely a legacy of satan

  • Bac6ik

    Idk if y’all knew this but if you triple click the traction control it sets it in a sport trac mode and gives you the most power with out spinning and try’s to get you off the line as fast as possible ; )

  • Trevor Houf
    Trevor Houf

    Guessed 430 right on the 💰

  • Derick Cruz
    Derick Cruz

    Love your vids

  • suicide Squad
    suicide Squad

    410 hp is my guess

  • Tate Pruski
    Tate Pruski

    The supper troopers seen just make this so much better

  • Elian Mendoza
    Elian Mendoza

    You should get some race stars for wheels on the truck like the Og racetruck. Maybe even welds.

  • Matt Buhler
    Matt Buhler

    That man Daniel can drive forreal though them gears where hit perfect

  • Never Who
    Never Who

    That diffuser added another 50 more whp to the orange mustang 🤣🤣🤣

  • Stephen McReynolds
    Stephen McReynolds

    You also have to remember you're pushing a huge heavy brick through the air. The mustangs are lighter and way more Aerodynamic. once you're above 600 h.p. this going to a different story with that 10spd and the all wheel drive launch

  • Jacob Vargas
    Jacob Vargas


  • Devin Jones
    Devin Jones

    You should give Doug a gt350

  • Bigger Red
    Bigger Red

    Do you ever feel awkward talking to yourself in an empty truck?

  • Diego Covarrubias
    Diego Covarrubias

    You need that all motor labs tune 🧪

  • Nijji Haley
    Nijji Haley

    I saw Doug yesterday on frontage road

  • Junior 5.3
    Junior 5.3

    Should just put the tune where tow haul is located so you won’t have to shift up

  • DillRover110

    Miata vs the yellow mustang

  • RedneckDrummer

    When do we get an update on the 67 Camaro?

  • Johnny L
    Johnny L

    The simple white substantively strengthen because flute conversly balance notwithstanding a romantic alarm. standing, old office

  • Noe Martinez
    Noe Martinez

    Gavin wasn't having it with Doug missing a gear lmao. Fr tho Doug do better. No excuses. But u the man.

  • Brandon Mcbryde
    Brandon Mcbryde

    Can’t wait for you and Justin to rip these things down 92🤣

  • coonkiller

    Get a Dodge Viper srt 10 truck

  • Bandit9

    Can someone please try and put me in contact with the camaro winner? I honest to god want to try and buy the car from her

  • plomo

    legacy looks so clean it makes the video look like a game

  • carson Konchar
    carson Konchar

    I can’t wait

  • BuRnInXxSnOwBaLlxX

    The crispy doug shifts

  • Berniie


  • stezzy david
    stezzy david

    4:50 🤣🤣🤣

  • coonkiller

    Get a Dodge Viper srt 10 truck

  • Fishing with drey and kruz
    Fishing with drey and kruz

    I just saw you in your mclaren

  • Weny James Villaflor
    Weny James Villaflor

    That truck is a waste. If i were you I would not definitely invest on that build.

  • Jonathan Robarge
    Jonathan Robarge

    This intro got me hype

  • Crazy Nate
    Crazy Nate

    I just order the backpack it's gonna be awesome to have that

  • Sabres 41
    Sabres 41

    Bruh the truck isn’t keeping up whatsoever

  • Zane the Slayer03
    Zane the Slayer03

    Gavin so please from now on use that Mexico thing that just made my fucking night 😂

  • Peter Lugo
    Peter Lugo

    Gavin: NOOOOO MONICAAAA!!!!! Doug: too soon Jr😎

  • Oliver Roe
    Oliver Roe

    its crazy yall drive that far just to race and you do it like every other video. The dedication to the videos in insane!!

  • Landon Ishmael
    Landon Ishmael

    In maybe win win the cars in trucks are dun you in dug shud try to go race Demonology some time its been awhile since yall race each other

  • Landon Ishmael
    Landon Ishmael

    Try doing a weight reduction with some paddle shifters and some sticky tires and try to git the bedcover off to loose some weight in try to do some kind of arrow dimension stuff in a smaller pulley like the black mustang one ot the giveaway one

  • Jedi Cookies
    Jedi Cookies

    So glad I found your channel while going through UZmatch videos! I follow you on Facebook. Good shit brotha!

  • Luke Comeaux
    Luke Comeaux

    the truck was such a waste of money

  • Mike Love
    Mike Love

    BRUUUH! get it Daniel! Payday be movin!!

  • Tragiclui

    Okay but we gonna ignore the fact the old camaro isn’t in the shop rn? Wya @itsjusta6

  • Crossed _up
    Crossed _up

    I want Camaro videos too

  • Redneck TX
    Redneck TX

    When's the old school Camero gonna make a official debut

  • Johnny Jayy
    Johnny Jayy

    The Super Troopers clip where he gets in the car and scares the stoned guys, “YOU BOYS LIKE MEXICO?” WOOOOOOOOO 🤣🤣🤣

  • Marcelo Cabrera
    Marcelo Cabrera

    Race the truck against jesica ecoboost, that’s a fair race for the truck lol

  • Aaron Douglas
    Aaron Douglas

    You guys should put a Whipple super charger on the truck

  • Inferno 2ss
    Inferno 2ss

    think you should donate some drag radials to me for my camaro ss

  • Mr Skweaker
    Mr Skweaker

    Truck gettin some spooly bois

  • nicholas olson
    nicholas olson

    damn daniel


    100 shot of nitrous on the truck👀


    Ok im new here and was wondering about the Mexico thing lol whats that all about

  • NcKl zay williams
    NcKl zay williams

    Would you guys wanna try hooking up a 99 v6 😂

  • Kevin Campbell
    Kevin Campbell

    You can double click your traction control button and it’ll put the truck into advanced track sport mode

  • thekevway

    Doug don’t know how to use that Gt350 😂😂

  • Just Build er'
    Just Build er'


  • Loganhero03

    legit said to myself mm 410hp just a gut feeling then it read 410 *ascends*


    Zrl vs gt350r black edition

  • Michael Sailer
    Michael Sailer

    Honestly surprised at darnielle mustang now and it's time to boost that truck

  • Michael Sailer
    Michael Sailer

    Omg I'm dying right now laughing from the super troopers insert hilarious

  • ThirdDegreeWitch Explores
    ThirdDegreeWitch Explores

    The trucks fast but it’s a truck and will always be a truck.

  • Vinnie Mitchell
    Vinnie Mitchell

    Wowwwww i would never ever think Daniel's 5.0 would keep up with a gt500 shelby 😳😧😧😯😯😯 im lost for words ..once Daniel does a couple mods to his car that car is going to be a beast its already is but it's really going to wake up after some upgrades and he's keeping up with that Shelby ..once Daniel adds some type of power adder he's going to be coming after your Shelby 😬 that's when he's going to have his Redemption race LOL and the truck is really coming together and Doug is a hell of a tuner that man can do everything ...👏👏🤙🤙🤙🤙

  • Dylan op Powers
    Dylan op Powers

    I would like the see the old black car run again if possible

  • Ws6Ms

    absolutely no LS content anymore smhh

  • chris s
    chris s

    and for the meme of things next time pu on a orange lense on the camera for American movies in mexico be like

  • chris s
    chris s


  • Zamary Sattar
    Zamary Sattar

    Love you guys Keep up the good work love the videos

  • Zamary Sattar
    Zamary Sattar

    Just admit it buddy your truck is kind of slow

  • jose Lemus
    jose Lemus

    You should’ve gotten an “All motor lab tune” best one out there for the the 10speeds it’ll get your truck in the 11s na

  • waylon campbell
    waylon campbell

    From a dig was a good race 💪

  • waylon campbell
    waylon campbell

    How is the tune done and your now putting it on the dyno? Why wouldn't you tune on the dyno ..488

  • the fishing channel
    the fishing channel

    What's the fastest you've gone in a car?

  • Maxx

    67' camaro not in the background????

  • DksRealm

    Sad moment for me, my gt350 just seized on me😢 perfect oil, not insanely beat on but still seized up for no apparent reason:(

  • Iced Tea Lee
    Iced Tea Lee


  • BarriosBASED

    Oh how I wish I could win that car😖

  • Donchanli11

    Well the 350 would beat a gt anytime

  • Trevor Cunningham
    Trevor Cunningham

    glad to see daniel finally getting some glory 🤧

  • Daily DRS
    Daily DRS

    When is the next junk of the month? Is it an annually thing?

  • World so cold
    World so cold

    Ima guess 66hp

  • bantheundead

    I want some miata content

  • SDIrishMan

    Uhh, Daniel really short shifted 2nd when he ran against the truck from a dig lol

  • SDIrishMan

    Was that done in 5th gear as well? Or did you do that run in 7th?

  • jj silva
    jj silva

    AYOO Gavin we need an update on the 67 Camaro bro. I like seeing you guys work on it.

  • coyotevlogs

    instantly blames doug LOL that truck is just slow

  • Dale Coker
    Dale Coker

    Where is the coyote swap Camaro at?

  • Jackson Paul
    Jackson Paul

    Anyone know what the new intro song is called?

  • Faris Shadeed
    Faris Shadeed

    im seein that Gavin is wondering how a 35k car is giving the 100k truck hell

  • Joe

    how long are we still gonna try to hype up this truck?

  • hypnotc

    i thought that the supersnake had almost 700 horse stock am i missing something i havent kept up lately please fill me in

  • Julian Parker
    Julian Parker

    Tropical storm coming your way stay safe brotha

  • Brad Clure
    Brad Clure


  • Moy La Venom
    Moy La Venom

    Twin Turbo Shelby truck

  • Darius Holt
    Darius Holt

    For the price of a gt350 it is never worth it. Can spend 2k on any 15-21 gt and be just as fast if not faster. Still good race, both great cars.

  • James Vargas
    James Vargas

    You need to try out that all motor labs tune before you boost it trust me you will very surprised

  • Joan Carranza
    Joan Carranza

    Gavin needs to gap already he stays getting gapped by everything

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