Shelby F150 takes on the OG Nitrous Race Truck!!

  • itsjusta6

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    • darius luckes
      darius luckes

      Yeah how much did you spend on a truck LOL jk

    • Dustin21 Adams21
      Dustin21 Adams21

      Looks like you didn’t put it In Sport mode?

    • Gearoid Sheehan
      Gearoid Sheehan

      Every car you tuber ever “so we are going to go to Mexico "

    • Ryan Vaclavik
      Ryan Vaclavik

      Axle wrapping is a big problem with truck with leaf springs

    • kevin auman
      kevin auman

      Maybe that ol man should have been wheeling the snake against race truck hahaha bet it'd been alot closer then because he is one with this thing and knows every square inch of them....

  • Antonio G
    Antonio G

    Is there a way to by pass the govenor ?

  • Dawson Rupp
    Dawson Rupp

    Never underestimate the Chevy

  • ShinoBleed Sifiso
    ShinoBleed Sifiso

    Get smoked🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Matthew Caouette
    Matthew Caouette

    J shuttn down the haters.

  • Fatties0nly860

    When you pulling the transfer case and throwing it away?🤔

  • w00ten786

    how it's a super snake 🐍 wit no 🙅🏾‍♂️super charger🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Patrick G
    Patrick G

    What’s in the Chevy for power? It obviously wasn’t stock

  • Patrick G
    Patrick G

    Why would you think the Chevy would be heavier? You got four-wheel-drive air-conditioning

  • J Fonyi
    J Fonyi

    Why did the race surprise you ? Somehow you managed to by a supposed super snake that has bone stock f150 engine . I have never seen a Shelby super snake that wasn’t supercharged . You should have kept the race truck . The f150 sucks and is an embarrassment to Shelby super snakes .

  • Brian Josefy
    Brian Josefy

    It would be insanely dope if I could come up and spend a few hours meeting y’all at the shop!! I’m from Wichita Falls TX and I’m currently working down here in Cameron Louisiana!! Would be insane if I got to come meet you and the crew on my next 2 days off! Keep grinding!! Much love and respect!!

  • Whiplash TV
    Whiplash TV

    I’d take the Chevy all day long. About all those things that you listed, you could have a/c, remote start, etc on that Chevy. 150 shot is no where near a max effort build. 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Dylan Irv
    Dylan Irv

    That’s the problem. Sell a Chevy for a Ford you end up wanting the Chevy back lol

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  • Ivan Contreras
    Ivan Contreras

    Love the new Shelby Truck!!! Awesome!!!!

  • Lethal Games
    Lethal Games


  • Rockbiter Hd
    Rockbiter Hd

    Just bought a set of Shelby wheels on to find out made in China stamped on them very sad Shelby going to China great American company sold out

  • Matthew Osterman
    Matthew Osterman

    UZmatch had me messed up. Auto selected 480p😂

  • SLOGOAT219

    Funny how I'm the opposite with oil. My 1000hp deal gets walmart supertech 15w-40 and the dailys get castrol synthetic. Amsoil is sorta a gimmicky snake oil IMO and to most ppl who have high power stuff. Guys go mid to low 4s in the 1/8 at 170+ mph on 15-40 diesel oil lol when they stop using that they start using and actual racing oil like shaeffers, penn grade or similar

  • Cannon Smith
    Cannon Smith

    Um love the super snake but og truck got it

  • Loe Bo
    Loe Bo

    lmaooo 😂😂

  • Johnny L
    Johnny L

    The hateful mouth usually grin because production plausibly phone midst a incredible firewall. white, testy bell

  • 2003 Silverado ss
    2003 Silverado ss

    so that's great and all but how does insurance work on a car like this like you total it and what cuz they won't be able to replace it

  • John Hendrix
    John Hendrix

    Of course you can get in and go anywhere it's a stock truck just like any other stock vehicle.. Oh and honestly you can do whatever you want with this truck.. If you don't modify them you can do whatever you want and not get pulled over because they're stock

  • Kaig Merritt
    Kaig Merritt

    Who's going to tell him that's just how ford trucks are haha, there back axle is off set to one side more than the other side, no clue why...

  • Country boy
    Country boy

    I feel like when they are going to put the nitrous on in the race truck that the super snake is going to get gapped really quick.


    I didn’t know Mexico had stop signs in English 🤡🤡

  • Ethan Zelaya
    Ethan Zelaya

    So ur planning to turbo the f150

  • Deebankroll !!
    Deebankroll !!

    Was motivated by your videos and bought a 2011 premium gt… I want to turn it into a track car any advice??????

  • steve larios
    steve larios

    $100,000 bye-bye you see you can get more power for less money

  • Michael Stern
    Michael Stern

    I can’t wait to see this Coyote turn into a beefed up big block EcoBoost 😁😁

  • Fuad Sidar
    Fuad Sidar

    boost it make 400whp

  • joel llerenas
    joel llerenas

    OG truck ftww🙌🏼💯

  • Yt Damiantosaucy
    Yt Damiantosaucy

    4l80 first couple gears are slower then in the 4l60

  • Andy Android
    Andy Android

    imagine buying a $100k shelby truck and racing a ram R/T... and losing becuase you didnt pay for the 770 hp kit

    • Andy Android
      Andy Android

      speed limiter.... on a 103? oof...

  • Bonezz

    knew the chevy was gonna win on motor that’s a given

  • YOLOBOY 34455
    YOLOBOY 34455

    That 10 speed after about 30,000 miles is gonna go to trash I have one and it shifts at wrong times and doesn’t shift at certain times and warranty won’t fix it

  • Jake Corcoran
    Jake Corcoran

    THATS WHAT U GET with ford ..... all love tho ... haha i want that shelby built vs the holly

  • Jake Corcoran
    Jake Corcoran


  • Omid Bromand
    Omid Bromand

    Yeaaaa it’sjusta6

  • Rigo Ortiz
    Rigo Ortiz

    Its that doug sauce playa

  • John Stivers
    John Stivers

    Yall got so much done when I was in basic holy shit

  • Cammy Hammy
    Cammy Hammy

    I love the truck

  • Adam McWilliams
    Adam McWilliams

    Hold on you through the new f150 with all the extra weight was lighter than the old rcsb? Dude there are more government safety items needed on the newer vehicles, and even having the aluminum bed they are still heavy pigs.

  • Alejandro Arredondo
    Alejandro Arredondo

    Tune the f150 and it’ll gap that Chevy 🤷🏽‍♂️


    4 speed has longer stronger pull, 6 speed and the new 10 speeds designed for fuel economy

  • Brice Boehning
    Brice Boehning

    Should have put the shelby in sport mode to see if it made any difference

  • Bigger Red
    Bigger Red

    Heck ya. The details that y’all put into y’all’s work like the hardwood flooring in the trunk is 🔥🔥🔥

  • Johnathon Perez
    Johnathon Perez

    Everything is bigger in texas including the swarm of bugs

  • Shawn Thompson
    Shawn Thompson

    Chip it than see how it does .on the next video

  • Braden Keith
    Braden Keith

    chevy has strong and fast motors

  • Ronald wrencher
    Ronald wrencher

    Talk to much showcase the topic of the trucks man

  • Samuel Gotwalt
    Samuel Gotwalt

    What happened to Junk of the Month? I miss those vids.

  • SlpprEatrr 03
    SlpprEatrr 03

    Shelby truck definitely gonna lose.

  • _smoothjpo _
    _smoothjpo _

    That dang nitrous truck was getting up out of there

  • Cody Jones
    Cody Jones

    Chevy every time

  • Frost Queen
    Frost Queen


  • Jayson Silvey
    Jayson Silvey

    Who thinks that he is going to do a fat single turbo or twin's

  • 888

    That Silverado is nice but I think a chassis swamp maybe to a chevy S10 or GMC cyclone. Hmm sounds pretty spec-ish to me haha"

  • 888

    And I was right"⚡ haha, nice. Keep up the great work guys!

  • 888

    Holly EFI I believe will win, that's just a speculation though

  • Anas Saleh
    Anas Saleh

    You managed to find the only stop sign in English in Mexico

  • Mike

    i thought yall were keeping the stance, im very happy you did not

  • sonny d
    sonny d

    Bro there's no way you really thought that was going to beat the old race truck

  • Casey 6104
    Casey 6104

    I honestly loved the FRS build 👍

  • Marcelo Esquivel
    Marcelo Esquivel

    Trx vs the Chevy

  • James theBrain
    James theBrain

    Boring long videos. Wow.

  • James theBrain
    James theBrain

    Do you ever finish a project? This is why I stopped watching years ago 😂

  • Antonio Baker
    Antonio Baker

    I'm still pissed tht whole time the race truck just sat no videos being made then outta no where its sold smh

  • Adrian Patlan
    Adrian Patlan

    Damn you fuck up giving the white truck away.

  • kevin caudillo
    kevin caudillo

    Pedal Commander?

  • kevin caudillo
    kevin caudillo

    I need an entry I don't win against my life's odds but I'd like to just drive one like that no upgrades needed since I can't even afford the car stock 😂

  • TallStarlite

    You raced a truck built for drag racing what did you expect was gonna happen lame!

  • Otter. SDS
    Otter. SDS

    When it’s making 1000 hp?

  • Braxton-Taylor King
    Braxton-Taylor King

    The reason you lost cause it’s a Ford whatever they told you the horsepower was putting out take that and minus a 100 not hating just facts ford don’t make quality stuff

  • robert loftin
    robert loftin

    It’s race truck you not being fare this joke

  • robert loftin
    robert loftin

    Spray the Ford

  • Cary Kieffer
    Cary Kieffer

    I’m just curious what’s the purpose of driving to Mexico ?I always hear you never want to get put in a Mexican jail, it just sounds risky to me..

  • Bruce Peterson
    Bruce Peterson

    Gavin - interested in knowing what shocks were installed and if the brakes were upgraded. Can you show us please?

  • Jeremy Sayers
    Jeremy Sayers

    I would take that old Chevy work truck any day over that Ford..

  • KingJhase

    Twin procharge the truck.

  • Jesus Soto
    Jesus Soto

    hay nivelesssss, respecttttt ❤️

  • Steven Gaskill
    Steven Gaskill

    Old Chevrolet truck blows the doors off the pos ford. So they sell it? Blick Blick 🤔

  • Cisco 836
    Cisco 836

    You gotta tune it so you can beat decent build ls

  • Tim Neubert
    Tim Neubert

    Is this truck 4 wheel drive or all wheel drive

  • Thomas Wanderer
    Thomas Wanderer

    He’s talking about Arizona roads. Believe me i know. Went down those roads when I visited the Grand Canyon. Jesus Christ they were terrible

  • Under

    Time to LS swap the Ford truck 🤣

  • Brett K
    Brett K

    Racetrucks it on no nos and nos

  • GloExposeHim Jr
    GloExposeHim Jr

    Chevy for the win

  • cameron fox
    cameron fox

    Love the race truck videos gonna miss that thing

  • Jeremiah Julian
    Jeremiah Julian


  • TNL_physics

    I haven't watched him since he got his Camaro back but congratulations on 1 million

  • Zachary Spurlock
    Zachary Spurlock

    My 18 5.0 single cab 4wd stock was quick and all but now ported gt mani with the ten speed and e85 it gets down lol

  • Diana Lozano Villarreal
    Diana Lozano Villarreal

    them race truck vidoes are fire!!!

  • majormax 37
    majormax 37

    I thought the OG race truck wasn't allowed on the roads

  • LazeringMFRZ

    Being from the south and now living on the west coast I agree the roads are BAAAADDDD

  • The Beans
    The Beans

    Hey, I been using Castor oil for all my vehicles since I learned to do my own oil changes. Never have I had any issues with Castor Oils, great company...

  • Ravdeep Singh Deo
    Ravdeep Singh Deo

    manz didnt even put it in sport mode

  • Drive it Like ya stole it
    Drive it Like ya stole it

    The shelby weighs around 800 pounds more than the Silverado, that's one reason why it got gapped.

  • Easton Rendleman
    Easton Rendleman

    Bruh the race truck by two cars on both hits at least