Alignment Shop reacts to my Totaled Tesla.
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  • itsjusta6

    After MONTHS of the Tesla sitting outside on jack stands, we finally have it together with new working parts and an alignment! 😁 It's been far too long of not doing silent digs in the street 😂 Which car do you think would win in a 0-160mph race?? 🤔 The Tesla... or the #SaveTheRacecars Giveaway GT350 that you can get entered to win by only spending $1 at 👀

    • xXSAIf BEAQXx Saad
      xXSAIf BEAQXx Saad

      gavin i hope ur ok that last second crash shit man I'm sorry for that

    • ali abbas
      ali abbas

      @Manny De La Cruz it was a different show gt350 was going to be on fastest car not getaway driver

    • Manny De La Cruz
      Manny De La Cruz

      I’m happy asf you aint take the gt350 to the show cause I would’ve cried tbh😂

    • Rc Wolfy
      Rc Wolfy

      What was that at the end of the video??? Did your truck get into an accident with that car...

    • ali abbas
      ali abbas

      Time to do the same with the truck 😂 I’m sorry

  • Tony Drury
    Tony Drury

    Bruh.. the part where ur making fun of the Harleys. Is literally me every time I see one lol Southpark has an episode where they make fun of them.. its great

  • Lorenzo Verduzco
    Lorenzo Verduzco

    y'all forgot to say how many miles the McLaren has

  • Jesse Gonzalez
    Jesse Gonzalez

    Dat ocean water doe 😏👌🏻

  • J Mch
    J Mch

    Laughed my ass off when you where talking to the Harley guys ooo brother rev that Harley lmfao

  • Dylan 727
    Dylan 727

    yessuh stay strapped💪🏽

  • Jose Deleon
    Jose Deleon

    You should try to say "cuh" 100 times in a video randomly 😂

  • Scared Hamster
    Scared Hamster

    “Workin on the weekend like usual”

  • Thomas Starling
    Thomas Starling

    Next give away the Tesla, and a whole bag of swear words that you can use repeatedly, in any order at any point and time( while working on, through utter amazement, and/or disappointment).😂 Sounds like me working on my car's.

  • Chaotic 5.0
    Chaotic 5.0

    That Tesla got straight beaned but y’all are gonna have everything fixed in no time. Should swap up the wrap on it too no cap

  • Hunter Johnson
    Hunter Johnson

    I hate how Gavin can tease a crash video....dude it was a unfortunate crash we're worried idgaf about a video nor should you....kinda gross

  • Sterling3.7

    “Can you move the wind machine?” 😂

  • Oakley Hughes
    Oakley Hughes

    what happened to the timeout channel?

  • Matt McCarthy
    Matt McCarthy

    Gavin, with the Tesla watch using the word totaled so much it’s going to bite you in the ass! Insurance didn’t total it! Carfax shows nothing! Tesla & Apple believe in throwing it away and replacing it! Tesla is also going to stop you from fast charging it! If it’s not 35k in damage it’s not totaled! I’m just looking out for you! I’ve been bitten in the ass before! 😢 i’m enjoying the content, keep up the good work!

  • Josh Caldon
    Josh Caldon

    Lied about the FRS giveaway, didn’t even get my 2 hoodies delivered. 👎🏼

  • MegaTime01

    Now you just need to find aploater

  • nicholas young
    nicholas young

    You should do a panther platform/build. I could imagine how awesome a crown Vic build would be from you!

  • Justin

    worst feeling is when you get the hints that the shop doesn’t work on the car you own very much

  • Spider-Man

    I’m so ready for Satans comeback

  • RRR stinky
    RRR stinky

    Not you but HOW STUPID CAN DRIVERS COME like are the people who recked ur car blind.

  • Jared Ross
    Jared Ross

    When is the giveaway gonna be posted for winners?

  • Chubbs

    25:16 oh no no no

  • Thomas Wiggins
    Thomas Wiggins

    Just wanted to say that this kind of editing is my absolute favorite style and it makes things funny that weren’t supposed to be funny and I love it! Thanks for the amount of uploads as well, love all you guys at 6Media!

  • _brady.24_

    Hey Gavin I’ve been watching your videos forever and I love them and I just saved up and bought a mustang ecoboost but now I have no money to put into it sadly. If you could build my car that would be insaneeee!!

  • alex almanza
    alex almanza

    "Trokiando cuhhhh!!!!!"

  • Artuuroo

    * junk of a tesla coming up*

  • Ryan9925

    Where is junk of the month

  • Alex Johnson
    Alex Johnson

    Watches Borat once😂

  • 1Motormouth Automotive
    1Motormouth Automotive

    Leftover bolts means you made it better right? 😂 weight reduction!

  • xXSAIf BEAQXx Saad
    xXSAIf BEAQXx Saad

    yoooooooooo omfg he crashed the f150 with the trailer 25:11 fuck i hate swwing this i hope ur ok

  • Rafe

    Putting the F150 in 4Low would help with loading so you only have to finesse the breaks instead of trying to govern the throttle up the ramp.

  • CannonPKidd

    crybaby gavin back at it again

  • bradley sweat
    bradley sweat

    why do the stock mclaren wheels look so skinny omg

  • Clovis Cisneros
    Clovis Cisneros

    25:15 uhhhh I think that car got f up your truck ngl

  • Adrian Guzman
    Adrian Guzman

    No quema!!!!

  • DrippingXkillz 2234
    DrippingXkillz 2234

    Is it just me or did y’all hear the “trokiando cuh “

  • Dashai Yellowcloud
    Dashai Yellowcloud

    @Itsjusta6 what happened to Doug I have seen him in awhile

  • Alex Chudzinski
    Alex Chudzinski

    I really hope that cage wasn’t just held in by those tiny bolts..

  • spooks

    this editing is great 😂

  • Jimmy Tuttle
    Jimmy Tuttle


  • Adam Palmacci
    Adam Palmacci

    i can’t wait for the super snake content that’s coming

  • Maxx The Bowler
    Maxx The Bowler

    Who else thought we were ab to be Rick rolled at 11:35

  • Josiah Ziebarth
    Josiah Ziebarth

    Anyone know where 2 find an adapter kit for a t5 transmission 2 my 1.8 liter NB miata?

  • wildgameing the 1st
    wildgameing the 1st

    He said he was in an accident in the f-350 and said the McLaren and the f-150 have problems to I thought what if he was in an accident with the trailer sure enough he was. Sorry that probably was a horrible day for you also that was close to 1 million dollars in the accident if not more. Hope everyone has a good day 🙂

  • Sebastian Bougeois
    Sebastian Bougeois

    da baby

  • maxpaul11

    Just junk

  • maxpaul11

    We all know tesla is junk! Haha why would you wanna dead battery

  • Victor Santos
    Victor Santos

    Omg stf up tv show TV show TV show we get it you were on a show big woop still can't keep a car running always excuses damn dude just make videos and shut up you were alot better at your apartment garage

  • Brody Abney
    Brody Abney

    Oh man best video is gonna be a good one

  • Callaghan Miles
    Callaghan Miles

    Ikd about y'all but I'm loving the new intro

  • Scooby Squirts
    Scooby Squirts

    I love your videos man I have been saving money working at my local McDonalds I'm struggling with school and I'm struggling for transportation to school and my job and I have a scion frs my sisters husband is wanting to sell to me I want to buy it but the issue is that there are.some issues with it that they don't know about yet and I'm just needing someone to build it for me when I get the parts keep up the great work man the videos always make my day:)

    • Scooby Squirts
      Scooby Squirts

      You know I figured you guys could do something cool with it you always seem to pull ur designs off

  • Playyz

    It’s would be cool to see a junkyard wars. You would have 2 teams and each team would get a set budget to build the best car they could for that price. Wether it’d be drifting drag racing autox etc. you could use anything local so Facebook market place, offer up, junkyards. You just can’t use your UZmatchr influence or family or friends.

  • Deimos Phob
    Deimos Phob

    I wanna see a breakdown on the 3rd gen 4runner tbh. Maybe even turbo it, ik they got the factory TRD supercharger on them so it can definitely handle it. Its more I want to see someone else's mess ups before doing mine.

  • Noah Leonhardt
    Noah Leonhardt

    gavin check ur insta dms my user is @noah_leonhardt thanks bro!

  • The BobbY EXTRA CRAN!
    The BobbY EXTRA CRAN!

    Liked only for Harley mocking!

  • 0thorton1

    The sound effects and editing of this video are freaking hilarious. Keep it up 6 team! 😆

  • David Farrens
    David Farrens

    Wonder what FASTER the Tesla or your McLaren?

  • David Farrens
    David Farrens

    Ya got spare bolts can't NUTZ! I'm sorry hihi hi hi ha ha hihi

  • Justin s christesnen
    Justin s christesnen

    The show has an advertisement of it in the before credits of the new fast movie and I saw your Tesla in the advertisement

  • Diamonator's

    “Hello guys, welcome back to today’s video” How is it welcome back to today’s video if I haven’t watched today’s video 😳

  • Andrew Cowles
    Andrew Cowles

    Send it steve talking about you on his video, at least you can finish a project unlike him

  • Kohl Zeze
    Kohl Zeze

    We still need updates on the old ss!!! Inform us all!!

  • scrythis1

    Just. You have the ugliest taste in wrap. Or you let people make decisions on it for you who also have terrible taste in wrap. I didn't know you could make that McLaren look bad. But you did. And the camo. Ick. Trashy. No hating on you or your channel. Been a follower a long time. But something has to be said about it

  • nathan Wilson
    nathan Wilson

    after you rebuild the tesla you should make the tesla a dailly

  • Drew James
    Drew James

    Damn y’all just struggling for content.. go ahead and shut this channel down now… or start a cooking channel or skinny jeans reviews channel but leave the automotive scene alone. You know it’s bad when SuperCarBlondie has better content then these boys. I just feel bad for Doug, he could go join a real automotive channel and let these fuckboys play with totaled Tesla’s lol.

  • Nick

    Designed on a computer, not by an engineer that cares about assembly and disassembly

  • Justin GOHAM
    Justin GOHAM

    I'm ready to watch the getaway driver the 19th bro I can't wait

  • Jared Armenta
    Jared Armenta

    He said trokiando cuhhh

  • 5ThGeaRedLined

    Dude the accident, I forgot about that. Damn Gavin you can’t catch a break

  • Rodney Miller
    Rodney Miller

    Sounds like send it Steve has some beef with ya total dis says glad the fed ex guy isn't wearing a itsjusta 6 shirt lol

  • Money Shift Tv
    Money Shift Tv

    Insane content every upload!! Love it.

  • Dino Network
    Dino Network

    Me seeing Gavins Snapchat story from when he was In Atlanta: “You won’t be needing them tires”😂

  • jkane121

    Anyone know if you can track how many entries you have?

  • Jayare Lewis
    Jayare Lewis

    Came back to ask if you’re gonna but overkill

  • Matthew Drake
    Matthew Drake

    Clicker thing that's funny

  • PhatDill

    I'm glad your ok @itjusta6 that cat should not have made that turn. What an idiot. Hope everything is okay buddy.

  • Matthew Drake
    Matthew Drake

    You got bad luck with the saw lol bit at least you got it out

  • Allen Lord
    Allen Lord

    You both made it back alive and healthy. So not EVERYTHING that could go wrong did.

  • SlayLumnous _YT
    SlayLumnous _YT

    Elon should be junk otm just my opinion

  • charlie conner
    charlie conner

    Telsa might turn his supercharger off. Since he's fixing it. Just like they did Rich Rebuild.

  • Gold

    Out-tro music?

  • Choppa223s Sanchez
    Choppa223s Sanchez

    Manuel swap the tesla 🗣🗣😂😂

    • Choppa223s Sanchez
      Choppa223s Sanchez

      Wait do teslas have transmission

  • Cody Kosak
    Cody Kosak

    Great video 🥰

  • Antares

    5:45 dude literally made a video explaining how to remove and put the cage back in, can't be asked looking at it lol also, 12:17 Woooow spacers are gonna be an issue??? Who though dumb ass ricer mods can potentially mess up your car??? woooooooww

  • BrutalGaming101

    July 19th is my birthday. I feel very special

  • Bob Slob
    Bob Slob

    25:16 wooow that car would pull right out infront of you.... i hope the mclaren and f150 are good in that trailer

  • Corbin Mccullum
    Corbin Mccullum

    aint u in Louisiana son u better slap some duck tape on that seat hole lol

  • Austin Rode
    Austin Rode

    I figured a car like the tesla would be a lot easier than to work on

  • poorboyz racing
    poorboyz racing

    So you were In a wreck? Nobody is gonna mention that?

  • Death Got Beats 787
    Death Got Beats 787

    So u mean to tell me I been watching your videos since 13k and I wasn’t subbed

  • the breadedcrab
    the breadedcrab

    What keeps your trailer ramps from swinging and hitting the tailgate when the ramp door is closed? It seems like if you hit the brakes very hard at all the ramps with swing out and hit the tailgate of the truck

  • Michael Sailer
    Michael Sailer

    I really hope the f150 and mcleasy is ok or wasnt in the trailer when he got the f350 on a wreck and is ok

  • Michael Sailer
    Michael Sailer

    Did anyone noticed that he passed another tesla (red) when he was seeing how the alignment was b4 saying "very straight" lol

  • ShadowWarrior_69

    The saw blade flying off was the best god damn thing i have heard in a while :D

  • Velocity_Bread


  • Jayare Lewis
    Jayare Lewis

    If y’all follow itsjusta6 on insta then you will know what will happen

  • Justin martin
    Justin martin

    Gavin "these cars suck working on" Taylor "I put this mf cage in😂"

  • G Snyder
    G Snyder

    Who else wants to see that 3rd gen 4runner built please lol same 4runner I have

  • Justin martin
    Justin martin

    I wanna know how meeting leddie from fast and furious wasssss!!!!

  • Weather Watch
    Weather Watch

    That wreck looks like it is going to be no bueno