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  • itsjusta6

    With the changes we are making to Satan we had to find a way to continue the legacy of the original look of the car so... Meet Legacy! 😁 We will be pulling off a LOT of parts from Satan and installing them on Legacy to create the car I've always wanted since the start of owning Satan. Hence why Satan has a GT350 bumper, GT350 style badging, and much more 😌 AND one of you will be taking this car home eventually‼️ GET 10X ENTRIES NOW! Just go to www.itsjusta6.com where every $1 spent will get you automatically entered in to win Legacy, my 2016 GT350 😏

    • Danny Moreno
      Danny Moreno

      I wish i had the money to build up my gt350 /:

    • Tony Martini
      Tony Martini

      I remember when you first started out with Satan, the cops kept harassing you. And when you got the first turbo kit in the mail used and I remember how big it was. I would love to have the original. But I would drive the shit out of that car . You've come a long way in a short time. I'll continue to watch. Respectfully Yours Tony.keep it up Kavin

    • Heaven Help Us
      Heaven Help Us

      Love my GT350

    • Miguel Ramirez
      Miguel Ramirez

      Do camaro 1le vs new Shelby

    • Jason Copeland II
      Jason Copeland II

      @itsjust6 Ik this is the race car channel but what goin on with timeout.. been a month not bad but I bet there a lot of vids y’all go stocked up or something keep it up tho bro love that itsjust6 content💪

  • Larry Green Tree
    Larry Green Tree

    Wouldn't do for me to get a shot at any of those cars. Only one thing makes me happier than driving. Absolutely incredible. Truly poetry in motion. You're a lucky fella to get to experience the things you do. I'm going to learn how to drive one day

  • Jeremy Pones
    Jeremy Pones

    I live in Illinois and the green gas pump handles for unleaded never made sense to me

  • Royaltybuiltco

    I love the fun facts during the broll

  • Landon Roberts
    Landon Roberts

    I love all of your videos, i get good vibes, motivation, and i get to learn more about cars, keep it up man!

  • DAbears 567
    DAbears 567

    My literal dream car!! Love the vids man keep it up

  • Kevin Yassa
    Kevin Yassa

    Cal scrubs up in here

  • DRELL Watson
    DRELL Watson

    17 currently learning stick shift and oouu if I were to obtain this car id probably have a heart attack

  • Fai

    “speaking of green we’ll be right back” 😂😂

  • AdaptGaming

    Bro this is awesome. I’ve gone by Legacy for the past 15 years

  • Knightcan _25
    Knightcan _25

    That’ll be a dream come true to win that mustang

  • joel llerenas
    joel llerenas


  • Shark

    yo where is poe at

  • Connor Kelley
    Connor Kelley

    I just bought a shirt to get entered in this giveaway and this is my first time ever entering in a vehicle giveaway, so I’m honestly not quite sure how these things work, if I were to win, how would it work? Like if you win it do you pay the car payments or does he or is it paid for? Just trying to get a general idea of how these things work

  • wooden2040

    Bro you literally went past my town! Salem il!! I seen the effingham cross and instantly recognized it!! If only!!!

  • Cammy Hammy
    Cammy Hammy

    I love your videos dude

  • Zachary Madden
    Zachary Madden

    literally almost put diesel in my car, without paying attention, and turns out that the spout for the diesel pump is larger than what can fit into the car. To protect idiots like me xD

  • Tristan Robinett
    Tristan Robinett

    The things I would do to get this car even stock.. haha

  • jason cox
    jason cox

    Hell yeah! 😍😍

  • Bigger Red
    Bigger Red

    Heck ya

  • KevinBV

    No rain?

  • Steven Dong
    Steven Dong

    What happened to the frs being the last give away but I will purchase once more

  • Fabian Garibay
    Fabian Garibay

    When did they swing a lightning???🤨🤨🤨


    I’m sorry but dead chickens are launched at planes for safety testing?

  • X.VVV.X JJ
    X.VVV.X JJ

    We wanna see the trooper hood

  • Justus Beason
    Justus Beason

    Back to the OG vibes with Gavin and Daniel

  • xZero

    So whats going to happen to the original satan :(

  • Joel Salazar
    Joel Salazar

    This intro just dont hit the same 😭

  • Nate Cameron
    Nate Cameron

    Anyone know the song at 4:35?

  • turtleman773

    That feeling when Gavin was down the street from your house with a brand new car and you had no idea

  • Joshua Newell
    Joshua Newell

    That car vs orange car

  • Daddy cuh
    Daddy cuh

    When he was accelerating it sounds like a toad 🐸😂😂

  • jason cox
    jason cox

    God damn I'm so excited

  • jason cox
    jason cox

    This is sick as hell!!

  • Bryan Leath
    Bryan Leath

    hands down the best channel. glad to be a viewer since the beginning

  • Ryan koskinas
    Ryan koskinas

    Damn a lot of gas stations near Chicago/Illinois have E85 if you wanted that lol

  • M

    So that’s why he said “not this one”

  • GTXRex GTX
    GTXRex GTX

    If i would win this car. I cant even efford to own it because its dumb expensive in switzerland i hate that.

  • Ayden Forkner
    Ayden Forkner

    Hold up that’s how you mute the screens at the gas station

  • Bartosz Kita
    Bartosz Kita

    BP is British and gas (unleaded) is green for us.

  • 2nuts tyingknots
    2nuts tyingknots

    What song was that toward the end?

  • Christopher Niewola
    Christopher Niewola

    U Sound like a Baller, Oh I just Purchased My Second Shelby This Week Lol

  • Alijah Hudson
    Alijah Hudson

    Seriously one of my dream cars man. Hope whoever gets it. Blessed to you!!

  • Christian Livingston
    Christian Livingston

    The second you put any engine mods on this car the warranty goes away. Js.

  • SilverStreets904

    It’s not the state it’s the bp gas stations that do that

  • Loyall

    ok Gavin with the boeing 747 fact of couse its more fuel efficient than your car it has to travel across the country or even sometimes across the world with no refueling while with your car you can refuel almost any time if you can find a gas station

  • Tate

    Hey @itsjusta6 those cars you’re googly eyed over. Those are actual finished race cars. Clearly you dont own one

  • Ivan Izaguirre
    Ivan Izaguirre

    should I get a q50 3.0 or 3.7

  • mopar _RT1
    mopar _RT1

    Ay yo why ain't no one say sum about that gas price at 2.79 dam over in Cali it's at 4

  • Steven Lopez
    Steven Lopez

    Damn Im from Chicago, didn’t know y’all would be in the chicagoland area 😭

  • MagmaApex32 1
    MagmaApex32 1

    Not tryna fanboy or anything but the gt350 is deadass my dream car

  • TrippieChannel6

    Where did you get the hoodie from?

  • Itz xVapor x
    Itz xVapor x

    What the songs at 4:34 ? It’s so fire

  • The Life of JP
    The Life of JP

    Day 345 , still no 3.7L s550 mustang build...... big sad 😥

  • Tanner Morgan
    Tanner Morgan

    No disrespect but if you were going to make a clone of the black car then why didn’t you buy a 5.0 I thought it started as a 5.0 again no disrespect love the videos keep up the great work Gavin

  • Milsolen

    Laughed so hard when daniel walked arpund the car also in europe diesel is black and gas is green

  • Britton Vice
    Britton Vice

    Hey! The Shelby 350 is my dream car and, I would love to enter the giveaway, but there is just too much stuff I don't know like: how many entries after I pay for something. And: how can I trust the 10x entries is true. This (for me) is like a once in a lifetime chance and I would love to be involved can you please clarify?

  • jeriod

    Man I had a layover in Atlanta yesterday😂

  • Jorge Rodriguez
    Jorge Rodriguez

    Gonna suck when I win and you gotta send it back to Chicago 🤣🤙🏼

  • supermario997x

    The place they picked the car up at was so close to where I live... Would've been sick to see them lol

  • adrian cooper
    adrian cooper

    in the Uk black pump handle is diesel and petrol (gas) is green as well

  • mika saario
    mika saario

    In Finland the diesel pump is black and the other green.

  • Zachar14

    Should try black widow exhaust on one of your cars some day

  • Drew 392
    Drew 392


  • William Clontz
    William Clontz


  • Hayden Trainor
    Hayden Trainor

    loving the content lately bro!

  • Finn Custom Knives
    Finn Custom Knives

    BP does that diesel/gas pump color switch up. Absolutely ridiculous! We got a diesel wrangler not too long ago and I seriously had to quadruple check that I was putting in the correct fuel 🤣

  • Heaven Help Us
    Heaven Help Us

    My GT350 is in the top 3 most fun car I've ever driven. (out of at least 100 cars)

  • Alejandro delatorre
    Alejandro delatorre

    You have to put the Apple Music like the other car

  • Abyss 2ss
    Abyss 2ss

    So excited for this giveaway

  • chadr1331

    I was waiting for it the engine to blow on the way back lmao jk

  • Landon Barnes
    Landon Barnes

    You should definitely get a tv show

  • jk1276

    Because of how lucifer turn out i thought that he was going to do a voodoo in Satan too i think that its awesome can't wait to she it make a pass again

  • killerzcrazy101

    Anyone else the ice on his wrist?? 👀💎✨ We see you Gavin 😏

  • Man Man B
    Man Man B

    Please put the headlights with those DRL’s that was in the white gt350 on this black gt350🥶

  • Roadcone2019

    What’s the song at 4:40 thoughhhh

  • Deadly_kitten56

    I'm mad my phone didn't notify me of this upload.

  • TWN 2RBO
    TWN 2RBO

    Sick! I’m going all out on my Stinger GT AWD too

  • Jose Doñate
    Jose Doñate

    What if they actually put the fuel hoses in the wrong holders

  • Kcc K
    Kcc K

    7:00 anyone else see the door move?

  • Brian Proffitt
    Brian Proffitt

    Gawd damnnnnn that GT4 ZL1 Camaro 🤤

  • Abdulrahman Alsuwaidani
    Abdulrahman Alsuwaidani

    You should lineup your 3 mustangs and f150 Shelby for a nice photo shoot

  • Vincent Perez
    Vincent Perez

    Put the 3 piece wheels you stole off your car when it was at the dealership lmao 🤣

  • ComplexKid CPK
    ComplexKid CPK

    This skill it takes to go in the future but be in the past

  • trist3n

    Song at 16:25..?

  • Young Immortel
    Young Immortel

    Lol would like to win it bbut 18 and dont know manuel😥😥

  • Brock Smith
    Brock Smith

    Hey we on the school buss topic I got a gas 4 barrel 8 speed high and low standard school buss lol

  • Intro Ruli
    Intro Ruli

    I think it’s sound weird because of the open intake but still sounds good 👌🏻

  • Alexander Solberg
    Alexander Solberg

    In norway all gas pumps are green and diesel are black, totaly normal

  • Tedo

    *blows up on the way home*

  • Alex Gonzalez
    Alex Gonzalez

    Was Daniel moving that door behind you at 7:02-7:04 or ?

  • Glory Hold
    Glory Hold

    They need to crack down on false advertising in the auto community your not doing a giveaway it’s a for profit raffle if your forced to purchase merch and you double your money that’s not a damn giveaway

  • eCapone Tv
    eCapone Tv


  • мя нαρρу тяσℓℓ
    мя нαρρу тяσℓℓ

    Song 4:30 please someone?

  • мя нαρρу тяσℓℓ
    мя нαρρу тяσℓℓ

    I like the factoids

  • Rusty Rebel01
    Rusty Rebel01

    Bp stations will get you

  • Fogchris’s World
    Fogchris’s World

    Guarantee the name change gon make the biggest difference but that’s my superstition

  • BeRad

    Can't wait to see the build finished.

  • Banana Snk
    Banana Snk

    They should’ve called it the spawn of Satan

  • Eduardo Sanchez
    Eduardo Sanchez

    Yoo I’m about to try and get my license just so I can get entered to win this beauty shaaauuuu 🔥