When your McLaren breaks, Drive a Chevy!

  • itsjusta6

    After driving the C8 for an entire day through Tail of the Dragon, I have a new found appreciation for these cars. Never did I think there would be a mid-engine Corvette let alone that I'd be driving one on a road like this!! Now for an interesting question... If there could only be one, would you rather see a McLaren or C8 Corvette on the channel??? 🤔 Don't forget that you can get entered to win Legacy, my 2016 GT350‼️ All it takes is going to www.itsjusta6.com and every $1 spent will get you AUTOMATICALLY entered to win! For example $1 = 1 entry, $20 = 20 entries, and $50 = 50 entries.

    • Greyson Riegel
      Greyson Riegel

      Keep the mclaren please because a lot of UZmatchrs have c8s

    • Southern Oklahoma Mopars
      Southern Oklahoma Mopars


    • Lamar Melvin
      Lamar Melvin

      Mclaren! All day. C8 are over UZmatch & you can really do much with them at the moment

    • Phillip Hayes
      Phillip Hayes

      Why are you in drive and not sport? 😆

    • Phillip Hayes
      Phillip Hayes

      Friends like Justin are far and few between! Don't mess that relationship up nor take it for granted!

  • Tommy Young
    Tommy Young

    Justin be the definition of a god, change my mind.

  • sailing wind
    sailing wind

    I hope you got him a set of tires after all he did for you

  • LD

    Give Justin hank

  • LD

    Justin is great. He see a lot in you Gavin

  • LD

    McLaren all day son.

  • Alexis Fernandez
    Alexis Fernandez

    Does Justin have a UZmatch channel

  • Fatal ReApEr
    Fatal ReApEr

    Did you wrap your white truck.....white ?

  • Baked Beanz on Toast
    Baked Beanz on Toast

    When your Chevy breaks, drive a McLaren !!!.

  • Trevor Clifton
    Trevor Clifton

    At 19:50 I thought I saw a supra but it was a miata💀💀

  • Andre Burfoot
    Andre Burfoot

    Imagine him following MaxWrist on the dragon, that would be a great collab

  • Michael Giorsetti
    Michael Giorsetti

    28:37 what was that sound It sounded like a rock being thrown at a sign

  • Austin Napier
    Austin Napier

    Justin is such a cool dude, hopefully I bump into all you guys sometime in the mountains would be dope to meet all of you and see the cars in person

  • ReidZLA

    Justin is the Fkn MAN!!!!! 🙌🏼

  • Jordan Langdon
    Jordan Langdon

    I just booked the executive suite at the tapaco lodge for November for my anniversary later this year. I’m so excited to finally go to the dragon! Love seeing your videos on it

  • FireEagle244

    the video is soooo soothing, with the curves in the road and the serene nature and engine/exhaust sound.

  • Ethan Pennington
    Ethan Pennington

    Honestly love the sections of just driving, no talking or anything like that. Gives such a perspective of everything. Love it

  • Austin Dumont
    Austin Dumont

    imagine watching this in VR .....

  • JoeLouis

    19:22 Them brakes though!

  • InputPastel

    After seeing this I got a feeling if you took a Ducati or any other sport bike you’d be ripping those corners Gavin 😂🙌🏽

  • Vortex /\
    Vortex /\

    I’m back I’m finally back I forgot about y’all for almost a year

  • Carmelo Dube
    Carmelo Dube

    What happened to time out

  • Keith Mackey
    Keith Mackey

    Justin is the man! You and Dan are very lucky to have him in your lives.. I know you know this but damn he's a good dude!

  • Mike Hilton
    Mike Hilton

    I can't even pay for service like that, how'd you get it for free lol

  • Ashton Ebke
    Ashton Ebke

    Definitely going 41 mph

  • Dominik Palos
    Dominik Palos

    Tf what? Justin let you drive Omega????? Holyyyy Shiiiit

  • AsianDejan

    Does anyone know the dame song that’s in the intro plzzz

  • Nick

    You didn't even go the full length..

  • Nick

    Its a lucky day when u don't get stuck behind some idiot on a harley

  • Nick

    "Under powered " but you also arnt keeping it wound out.

  • Nick

    Great opportunity for a comparison

  • Milsolen

    I canceled my order... i wanted to win nick and rob but then i saw the disclaimer...

  • Russelllcar

    I think you Can put a ring on her Gavin

  • Deon Staton
    Deon Staton

    Merch collaboration? 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • The Awesome L3gionZzz
    The Awesome L3gionZzz

    Out of all the states you decided to drive a McLaren through the foothills of North Carolina. A MCLAREN!!!. Now you know never bring nice things through the foothills of North Carolina. I live in Carolina these roads especially in the foothills are not very friendly with cars that are not built for them.

  • slunts77

    Gavin. You better tip that man.

  • muhd afiq
    muhd afiq

    you should put a camera outside for more awesome view🤤..but anyway thankyou for a great content as always💯

  • RetroGT2006

    He is such a cool dude, I’d love to drink some brews with him!

  • J Saenz
    J Saenz

    Boringgggg 😒


    So i just made 2 replicas of satan and lucifer and i am still working on captain but in the picture i also had a friend that did Dougs Roush hoplfully i will do all of your cars i love the channel and i would like there to be a v8 corvette bc it looks awsome

  • Mason Settle
    Mason Settle

    Could you like make a map for the tail of the dragon?

  • Mike Bradford
    Mike Bradford

    The C8 looks like it's Hella fun to drive Justin is a pretty cool dude ro just hand you the keys and say go have fun

  • Champ At Soccer
    Champ At Soccer

    I’m really happy that you’ve got Justin in your life.. his heart seems to be made out of pure gold. Bless him. I’m glad you’re getting such blessings. You deserve it

  • Dakota Terry
    Dakota Terry

    Literally acted like a kid in a candy store

  • Dakota Terry
    Dakota Terry

    Found the c8 looks cleans

  • Guy Pascua
    Guy Pascua

    Does Justin have the track alignment on the C8? Per Austin (Speed Phenom) it'll make all the difference in the world for handling on the Dragon, or any race circuit. Great video! Have you thought about getting a 360 camera to mount on the top of the vehicle? That coupled with your visor cam would be killer clips.

  • Michael Toledo
    Michael Toledo

    Is the review mirror inside car a camera? Kinda looks like a screen 16:56

  • Codie Hooter
    Codie Hooter

    Build 2 cars one for a give away and one for him. He needs a mustang in his line up lol. When you go get it wrapped by him tell him to pick the color on the one your giving him.

  • Stephen Hill
    Stephen Hill

    Justin was the perfect guy to win the Fastest Car

  • S550_darren

    Where can I get me a Justin


    you should take the ducatti outr to the dragon some day

  • FullSendMike Performance
    FullSendMike Performance

    Gavens fulfilling memory *came on vacation left with frustration*

  • NightPeppers

    Imagine Satan Vs The Maclaren

  • Donovan Gaylord
    Donovan Gaylord

    Do a video with off the ranch

  • Luis Miguel Ruiz
    Luis Miguel Ruiz

    How is the c8 underpowered? It’s 0-60 is literally faster than any McLaren, not saying 0-60 is everything but like I’m confused. Yeah it’s horsepower isn’t crazy high but it’s acceleration is better than almost any other supercar. It’s TopSpeed isn’t super high but you definitely would not go it during those turns.

  • Sheldon Watrous
    Sheldon Watrous

    A lot more power (insert sponsored commentary) lol

  • lopeo

    Can you get a c8 an twin pro charge it

  • Thomas Kaspor
    Thomas Kaspor

    The title of this video is the opposite of click-bait.

  • Thomas herring
    Thomas herring

    Time for a Ford GT!!!

  • duck

    while you were driving the dragon, not talking is the best thing for the viewers. it makes us almost experience what you were. it doesn’t make it more boring, it makes us feel a part of what you are. awesome video, thank you for the amazing content!

  • Broony Saint
    Broony Saint

    Thank you, that was a most enjoyable video to watch. Where you apologized for not talking, I was enjoying the sounds of the car and just enjoying the road and scenery, so no apology needed. Looking forward to more of your travel adventures.

  • Vannarsdall Scale
    Vannarsdall Scale

    I wanna see a legit partnership of some kind with Gavin and Justin. Doesn't matter what they do, the chemistry is always super dope.

  • 4x4chevyredneck

    Trade the mclaren for a corvette and way more reliable car

  • keith tisdale
    keith tisdale

    These are the type friends you need in your life. #friendshipgoals2021

  • Xavier Rios
    Xavier Rios

    Prob one of the lamest videos in a while but glad to see you’re enjoying your self have fun bro stay safe 😂💪🏽

  • CrazeCracker79

    In your opinion, is the difference in driving ability of the C8 vs the McLaren worth the price hike gap?

  • CrazeCracker79

    Gavin: Other than the built in undetsteering engineered into the C8 Vette, what was your feel on the squared steering wheel of the car..i.e.. grip placement, ergonomics, comfort..etc..??

  • Carbons_Redeye

    You should reach out to the guy with the Camaro ZL1 that is suspension tuned for the tail of the dragon and have him take you for a ride. He is nuts. I think he owns the restaurant or something. Reach out to Max Wrist on UZmatch he knows him.


    Your fan following you never stopped nor waved 👋

  • KingRiots69

    He is like a gta modder gives you cars to try and fixed your car for free

  • Scared Hamster
    Scared Hamster

    Justin’s literally the friend everyone wants

  • XxitchyplaysxX

    hey gavin you should take he gt350 and mako down to kinder,la and drive down la383

  • Philip Fetty
    Philip Fetty

    Has the winner of the frs been determined yet?

  • Seth Dunbar
    Seth Dunbar

    Justin is awesome too!

  • Alexander Ellis
    Alexander Ellis

    Gavin: I don’t wanna go to crazy cuz he’s behind me I definitely don’t wanna put him off the road. “Down shifts 3 times”.

  • Seth Dunbar
    Seth Dunbar

    Great intro!

  • Ju W
    Ju W

    Best not dad dad ever

  • Grysx

    19:51 "Is that a supra????"

  • Rooster

    That wrap is sweet

  • Anthony Plummer
    Anthony Plummer

    having a master like Justin wrap my car would be so dope, i mean i already have the vinyl just need someone to do it, guess i better start saving my $$$$!

  • Ben Shipley
    Ben Shipley

    Cool video !

  • A82

    I hate how you cant do much at all with the c8s


    I feel like jess wants the car but she doesn't. Cause she's just sitting in passenger seat and just enjoying the ride of her life.

  • Tre’ Brewster
    Tre’ Brewster

    It’s crazy to think at how close to my home town you were and I didn’t even know🙄 but at least you had a great time on the dragon I was nervous my first time

  • Ben Shipley
    Ben Shipley

    Would love to chase that down in my 95 M Miata ! 😆

  • Exotic

    I really wish I had friends like Justin those typa ppl are really hard to find unfortunately

  • Co1eTrain84

    Those C8's are so nice

  • Trey Johnson
    Trey Johnson

    If you need any McLaren help ask Alex Choi. He knows about McLaren Problems

  • Hugo De Leon
    Hugo De Leon

    Justin is a real nigga bro 💯💯🤘🏽🤘🏽💪🏽💪🏽that’s a real brotha from anotha shiii right there💯💯

  • Erick Rodas Jr
    Erick Rodas Jr

    Love these kind of videos and drives!!

  • Jesus Sosaa
    Jesus Sosaa

    When you got money like him and keep giving him business of course anybody can be a good friend lol let the man be broke he wouldn't have half of his friends

  • Tristan D
    Tristan D

    i think silence is the best for that kind of setting.25:25 to 25:40 was my favorite section, i also really like how Justin's C8 you can see the wing in the rear view camera. Other than that, what a dream.

  • Flatline2036

    Yo Justin is the man, he literally does a lot just so someone can enjoy the fun, and definitely pays it forward...he is the friend that everyone needs.

  • Micah Duarte
    Micah Duarte

    Question why don’t you buy dodge? Cuz they some sick things

  • Diaryofadrippykid N friends
    Diaryofadrippykid N friends


  • Nick Burks
    Nick Burks

    Ahh yes 13:21. The corner that claimed the beloved CRz in 2018. Fun times.

  • sebastian

    Justin is the friend i aspire to be and am currently to the best of my ability

  • Pyro

    The fact that you’re even able to compare the McLaren and the C8 is utterly mind blowing

  • Sweeny Lane
    Sweeny Lane

    You passed my place when you turned on to 129 heading towards Robbinsville

  • Javeir Dalphuus
    Javeir Dalphuus

    Hey, Gavin while on tail of the dragon you should use your gps on your phone and put it right in front the gauge cluster it might give you a good idea of the corner coming up. I do this all the time in my car and it helps to give an idea on how fast I might be able to enter them

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