Beginning Satan’s New Custom 1,500hp Titanium Twin Turbo Kit!

  • itsjusta6

    I never thought I would have this engine back in this car but here we are 😂 The mock block will be good enough until we are actually ready to put in the new RPG engine when we get the car back from Taylor's. This twin turbo kit is going to be INSANE and BIG shoutout to Taylor for fabing up this entire kit, it's going to be BADASS 🤘🏼 Get your entires to win the GT350!

    • Ratchet Ron Garage
      Ratchet Ron Garage

      @Alejandro Sanchez that definitely would have been the smartest thing to do but i guess this is better to make more content 😂

    • Tim Lyon
      Tim Lyon

      Gavin what's the outro song please

    • Steven Thompson
      Steven Thompson

      Where is lucifier.?

    • Jeremiah Torres
      Jeremiah Torres

      Idk man. You can't run your car down the track right for one day, yet you're buying these $100,000 cars??? You sure you ain't scamming your viewers??.. most other channels already running 9's at least and you here buying more cars, guns and property..... with great video production..?

    • Alec Werner
      Alec Werner

      Do turbos halfway out the hood with halo rings around the face of the turbo 👌😈

  • Jackson Paul
    Jackson Paul

    Welcome back to another video on the itsjusta6 channel where we casually shit on MMR😂

  • Wolfe’s Garage
    Wolfe’s Garage

    So happy all them signatures are still on the trailer

  • Henry Weller
    Henry Weller

    Keep your head up man and I am so freaking excited to see Satan return I am an og subscriber and remember all of the hard times and this is the start of a hopefully positive chapter for Satan

  • 214 Deleon
    214 Deleon

    You grew up too big for your own good i was into the coyotes things but its not like that anymore fuck this weak ass channel

  • Skate Daily
    Skate Daily

    Seriously talk to cleetus and motion race works for a collab.

  • jayford1908

    hey Gavin just wanted to say thank you for all the great content I just watched every episode of the Satan build and it really is inspiring to me to follow my dream of building my dream car so thank you again and good luck with Satan in the future

  • Lynn Dornan
    Lynn Dornan

    That engine runs just like it always has. Sounds the same to me.😂😂😂😂

  • xZapzei

    Not gonna lie. I loved this car and the setup and wish you would have done something other then turbos so it wasn't the same as every other build.

  • peepojungler

    u absolutely love mustangs

  • Gage Sonny
    Gage Sonny

    Uh, I head Gavin say "Fuck" and it wasn't bleeped. Is someone slacking, or are we just not givin a fuck. because im fine with that.

  • Matt Bosch
    Matt Bosch

    Did you ever figure out why you kept slaying engines with the blower set up?

  • Ninjax Gaming
    Ninjax Gaming

    You should do out the bumper for the down pipe exits

  • Austin kirnbauer
    Austin kirnbauer

    I woke up today and went onto UZmatch to watch something to get my self ready for the day and I saw u in my recommended and I fell in love with what you do already. Keep it up man.💯

  • HammerBack0 /02
    HammerBack0 /02

    Holy shit boys, he unloads the car from the trailer and David Spade comes walking out of the house and starts talking stangs. Pretty cool that you got Joe Dirt fixing up the Turbskis. Figured he only knew about the Plymouth’s. 😂

  • Brice Dentel
    Brice Dentel

    Love how this dude still goes with LS engines but they just keep getting blown up or something, unless u put like 30 grand into an LS it's not taking the power

  • Sebastian Bougeois
    Sebastian Bougeois

    I am so beyond hype to see this back i have been waiting

  • TheRealClay

    I can finally wear my Back From The Dead hoodie and not feel sad

  • Deebankroll !!
    Deebankroll !!

    Was motivated by your videos and bought a 2011 premium gt… I want to turn it into a track car any advice??????

  • M Wilson
    M Wilson

    This car can't be legal to drive the hwy but nice!!

  • joel llerenas
    joel llerenas

    Soo dustyy😭

  • BuRnInXxSnOwBaLlxX

    Hopefully this thing can do more than 1 pass lol


    i remember when you mounted the led headlights back in the day :D

  • Anjali Royal
    Anjali Royal

    Just love the intro

  • Gavincobb 214
    Gavincobb 214

    Do you think you'll take it on hot rod drag week eventually?

  • Chrisler James Depusoy
    Chrisler James Depusoy

    Next time don't knock on wood, knock on titanium 😂

  • Jonathan Lancaster
    Jonathan Lancaster

    U know a lot about cars I have car that jumped time is it better off fixing timing chain or replace the motor

  • Cammy Hammy
    Cammy Hammy

    So sick

  • GtFrank_5.0

    I’m sorry but this intro will forever be the best

  • YahboyyyMrKayden0

    bro i can’t wait till i’m 16

  • Noah Paez
    Noah Paez

    20:06 what da dog doin

  • Kameron Rooks
    Kameron Rooks


  • Creative Lemon
    Creative Lemon

    going to taylor is like talking to a tattoo artist what direction youre thinking lol

  • zackaria

    Legos 101.

  • ItzJuan X
    ItzJuan X

    i like that he stopped bleeping out the cuss words

  • stuart cochrane
    stuart cochrane

    Taylors Insane Turbo Systems? HAHAH TITS Sorry ._.

  • Anthony Salgado
    Anthony Salgado

    You guys should look at Cletus MacFarlane’s El Camino he has twin turbos it looks like the placement you want. but they’re not at 45°

  • Bigger Red
    Bigger Red

    Heck ya

  • Collin Bergesen
    Collin Bergesen

    Absolutely love it just got an 06 gt with big dreams

  • ninja4187

    That little batman "reference" (chyme) or whatever you wanna call it, was dope and seriously made me smile. :-) childhood memories. :-)

  • VixoTixz

    make lucifer a 2 step car

  • Bay6

    Red termi 🔥

  • Dexter Daigle-Monge
    Dexter Daigle-Monge

    Hood exhaust ? 😥

  • Hunter Rager
    Hunter Rager

    soooo will the color be changing ??

  • onebadc10

    Keep the old intro!

  • The1boreddude

    Future tip with your trailer...tap the camera button on your radio and you'll be see down the sides of the trailer...and yea I can't wait for this car back...

  • jason cox
    jason cox

    Instead of santan it should be named new engine 🤣

  • sethster70

    Dk how much y’all use that engine stand but if you’ll take some wheel bearing grease on the piece that slips into the stand itself it’ll make turning those engines over night and day difference.

  • celticfan1457

    I like that Cobra in Taylor’s shop🥶

  • Mattj Tv
    Mattj Tv

    Missed the old intro!! So happy to see it back

  • X.VVV.X JJ
    X.VVV.X JJ

    I miss the Milwaukee days...😂 crazy shii 🤟🏼

  • SlowBuildz

    Did you sue mmr yet? Where’s Doug?


    Dam sorry about y’all dog man like man did he said he got hit by a truck. Oh ddaaaaaammmm. That I’ll do it. Thats why his leg is missing. Oh man that’s pretty sad man I’m sorry to hear that guys that’s bad news. Y’all take care. Good luck on the race. Enjoy that all new 2020 Ford Shelby F-150 Supersnake Sport 4x4 with 770hp 0-60 in 3.4 seconds

  • SpadeVisuals

    I feel like this all could've been started while waiting on the new engine to get delivered 😕


    Looking good man good to see you again. You guys rock

  • Garrett Hobbs
    Garrett Hobbs

    Dual exits out the hood like horns

  • VIcki Naylor
    VIcki Naylor

    Wow somebody's compensating

  • Cameron Krey
    Cameron Krey

    Brrrrooooo.... So it's his 6th engine and it's the 6th car to go to Taylor and you are itsjusta6 so his name is true he must be Satan

  • Misty

    Anything about the old Camaro

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach

    Gonna be Ken Block with them turbos sticking out the hoods

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach

    Why not low mounted twin turbo kit???

  • Ahmad Cajee
    Ahmad Cajee

    Keep the normal exhaust exits

    • Ahmad Cajee
      Ahmad Cajee

      It looks better

  • Mendoza’s Coyote
    Mendoza’s Coyote


  • Yoink 556
    Yoink 556

    Gavin I just realized that u played in a music video named ten toes down by trace and mellow 💯💯

    • Yoink 556
      Yoink 556

      Lmfao the vid is by u 🤦‍♂️🤣

  • Tyler Batista
    Tyler Batista

    To bad Im not an american, an only a canadian. having the chance to get legacy is mad crazy. good luck everyone!

  • Antares

    That blown block assembly felt so wrong yet so satisfying. It's what every mechanic dreams about, having so little to do, just slap it together in 15 minutes, when it comes to engine work lol.

  • Tyler Love
    Tyler Love

    Have u seen drew peacocks mustang he cyote swapped it and super charger her and it's fkn stupidly violent its so sick take a look when u have some time

  • Tim Shapkin
    Tim Shapkin

    You should fully put this engine together and just fully send it. Burn some rubber man :)

  • evan s
    evan s

    1:38 the camaros wheels😩


    I haven't been here for a while and I just wanted to know where Poe haven't seen him in the videos for a while

  • Johnny Jayy
    Johnny Jayy

    So the blown engine is a dummy for the turbo kit before Taylor actually does it to the new built engine??? Me using Patrick meme: “I don’t get it”

  • Rachael Rawlings
    Rachael Rawlings

    Lost my boyfriend almost 4 months ago and I just watch the video because he used watch us guys all the time

  • Finkle Runner
    Finkle Runner

    Damn Seans hair is thinner than Gavins patience with the black car

  • Jesus Five oh
    Jesus Five oh

    Sell me the d5 beadlicks

  • That CarGuy
    That CarGuy

    the old intro😫❤️

  • Jake H.
    Jake H.

    If you do hood exit downpipes, Satan will have it’s horns lol


    What happened to timeout?

  • John Vallejo
    John Vallejo

    15:04 😂😂

  • Luis Rivera
    Luis Rivera

    The head bump sound affect though 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kevin

    Didnt think of putting the alternator and air conditioning compressor on it? Cmon

  • tiger gaming
    tiger gaming

    Love the content and great to see the black car coming back to life but when can we have a update on your family car that your dad owned ?

  • Jim Mottola
    Jim Mottola

    Got that new Engine and trans delete mod 👍

  • West Coast Misfit
    West Coast Misfit

    I actually think this is my first comment I’ve ever done in years of watching UZmatch, but I can relate to how it’s hard to get parts. I ordered an f22 turbo, and cdp for my A4 Quattro back in August of last year and got them 2 days ago.

  • Koty Roeder
    Koty Roeder

    this is gonna be a good one

  • laith

    6:06 sorry i had to

  • Kyle Zhang
    Kyle Zhang

    Please respect the dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • VaGueSounds

    lol that moment you do it all without doug XD then he shows up lol

  • VaGueSounds

    god i miss this car lol its been forever!

  • Alex Chadbourne
    Alex Chadbourne

    I like your idea for the turbo placement. This car is going to be beyond amazing when it gets back

  • Yuri -1
    Yuri -1


  • Gared Clark
    Gared Clark

    Any news when more stock will be available at DLS?? Waiting on a few shirts lol

  • Shawn Ison
    Shawn Ison

    Tell Shawn's Ass... AkA Nxt Shift too make more content....!

  • MOBVisualZ

    🔥🔥sheeesh these the goals one day

  • brad verstl
    brad verstl

    Should change the name of this car to nightmare since it’s been such a nightmare

  • timkaohio

    Ask Sean where the hell poe has been, he hasn’t posted anything in months snd I hope he’s doing well

  • timkaohio

    Why are you doing this instead of Doug? I thought he was the in house mechanic

    • timkaohio

      I spoke too soon, now Doug’s there lol. Also I know you enjoy working on cars so that’s why you were doing it. However I have a bunch of minibikes and I finally make enough money to have someone else do my builds. #bought not built

  • Will Miller
    Will Miller

    When are we gonna get a vid on the old comaro

  • Rodrigo lopez
    Rodrigo lopez

    How long before we see a video of Gavin crying when “satan” starts again 😕😂😂 love you Gavin

  • viciouSS6.2

    Satan has its 6th engine in it, it’s the 6th car to be brought to the fab guy. One more 6 and it’ll be 666 😂

  • Ryan Walker
    Ryan Walker

    This video explains how MMR builds engines