First Launches in the "Getaway Driver" Tesla after Fixing It!
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  • itsjusta6

    I'M SO PUMPED to FINALLY be able to tell you guys about the show that the Tesla was on! I still can't release too many details 👀 but if you want to see the Tesla in action, don't miss the premiere of the show "Getaway Driver" on July 19th on Discovery‼️ Remember, if there's somebody younger than you showing any interest in you or a friend's car, how you treat them can impact them for the rest of their lives with how they view cars and car enthusiasts. Don't be the guy that creates another Karen 😂 Also, don't miss your chance to win our 2016 Shelby GT350, Legacy! Every $1 spent at will get you automatically entered to win that car!

    • rb26 dett
      rb26 dett

      Is it only on Discovery ??

    • Mr. jack
      Mr. jack

      I predicted it

    • Matthew Mcguire
      Matthew Mcguire

      Dont know if you have looked on RockAuto but they have alot for Tesla

    • Josh M
      Josh M

      Bro I don't even have cable. I only have 5G Internet with Spectrum. I watch only on Netflix and Amazon...

    • Scott Dill
      Scott Dill

      The premiere comes out on my birthday

  • DeeSixx

    I really wanted to like the getaway show but I just can’t (no fault of the drivers). I don’t think the winning or losing should be based on whether you get lucky and find the exit, it should be based on how you drive. Thematically a getaway driver would know the layout and where their exit is. It’s also awful that the prize is 7k if you win two races, that won’t cover costs. Its hard to watch people’s babies getting wrecked too. Props to you for giving it your all though. I wish you much success.

  • Tha CAM0910
    Tha CAM0910

    Hey man just watched getaway driver badass show helluva job just wondering how much for the 10,000 dollar telsa

  • Draco's Garage
    Draco's Garage

    Just watched the show great gob hell ya did the channel justice

  • Brad Bozarth
    Brad Bozarth

    Super cool to let that kid come check the cars out and stuff!

  • xxxGAMERxxx

    Can u send me they broken gril of Tesla for free I really want it cuz I'm into cars it would be cool if u could

  • Josh Carlisle
    Josh Carlisle

    Mad props to you for taking the kid for a ride and giving him your time. I’m sure he will talk about that for weeks.

  • Ryan Hensley
    Ryan Hensley

    richrebuilds youtube channel. check em out, hell have what your looking for if not hell more than likely know someone who does.

  • Kylan Cline
    Kylan Cline

    july 19th is my bday

  • Choppa223s Sanchez
    Choppa223s Sanchez


  • Choppa223s Sanchez
    Choppa223s Sanchez


    • Choppa223s Sanchez
      Choppa223s Sanchez


  • Choppa223s Sanchez
    Choppa223s Sanchez

    Did I just see the back window off the maclaron roll down

  • AjPlaysMC

    Damn, Gavin bein a whole ass dad 😭

  • Yes

    I liked the grunt compilation at 17:52 lol

  • Chaotic 5.0
    Chaotic 5.0

    Tesla’s rip, I need that instant torque

  • Luctose Intolerant
    Luctose Intolerant

    This is a wholesome video

  • Quickscope dipping
    Quickscope dipping

    What if Gavin did like an exo-skeleton for the Tesla that would be insane

  • JohnnyAppleW33D

    And that is the start of a car enthusiast. Brings a tear to my eye 🥲

  • ninja4187

    Electric cars are quick because of the amount of torque the put out... there not usually fast (high topspeed) but they are always quick (0-60 takes less time) :-)

  • Aaron Pettit
    Aaron Pettit

    I feel you Shawn. I let my friend drive my truck and it was already running and he started it and grinded my starter. I acted the same way he did.

  • Boxed Fender
    Boxed Fender

    That's a kid that's a fan for life

  • Dillon Silcott
    Dillon Silcott

    That introoooooo🔥🔥🔥🔥😱😱😱🤯🤯🤯🤯👍👍

  • Ethan Pare
    Ethan Pare

    “Why is there a gun in here” 😂😂😂😂😂


    When I was 11 my dad’s friend took me out in a Nissan GTR (first model year, right after they came out). Needless to say I’ve been hooked on cars ever since

  • konkqur game's
    konkqur game's

    Wide body would look sick

  • Dustin Hughes
    Dustin Hughes

    This dads wallet is about to be empty when this kid starts driving. Lol

  • SDIrishMan

    You better win A LOT of MONEY from that show🤣. All the winnings will cover vehicle damage only

  • killerzcrazy101

    Should just full send and wide body the Tesla 🔥

  • Easily Trained
    Easily Trained

    Just like that kid, my love for cars came from hot wheels aswell. I had this jalapeño green chevelle, don’t know what year, but I moved a lot and lost every one of my hot wheel cars except for that one. I’m more into JDM and Euro now, but will sure as hell get a chevelle one day.

  • Easily Trained
    Easily Trained

    Completely different from the video, but I saw T-Pains s14/13 in the getaway drivers trailer. Cant wait to see it.

  • Jamie

    Song at 12:06 anyone? It’s very brief

  • Sebastian Bougeois
    Sebastian Bougeois

    Race it

  • Ezra Wemp
    Ezra Wemp

    Instant power baby 😆😆😆😆

  • Tyler Hasan
    Tyler Hasan

    Yo wait a minute what are those red wheels at like 21 minutes too

  • Ponchin 209
    Ponchin 209

    Dad: ok let’s go Kid: there’s more cars Over here 🔥 🔥

  • TRD_SR5

    “Best drivers”

  • ClutchFam

    I like Daniels purple undies

  • No Name
    No Name

    Gavin making moan sounds when removing clips 😭

  • Blake Austin
    Blake Austin

    “Why is there a gun in here”😭😭😭

  • Adamboulahia17 Adam2015
    Adamboulahia17 Adam2015

    I feel sad for that kid he couldnt see shit out of the window because he was so shot

  • Tyler Moore
    Tyler Moore

    It premieres on my birthday Best present ever

  • jonathan pouliot
    jonathan pouliot

    The next giveaway car??

  • average S197
    average S197

    Why don’t you get an air ratchet?

  • TeslaMania

    Bro if you lived near Oregon we would for sure go one on one with my Tesla Model S Plaid!!!

  • Mark Cavazos
    Mark Cavazos

    Rich Rebuilds-Itsjusta6 colab?

  • Ren

    Gavin lookin like DIWD lmao

  • i Flipz
    i Flipz

    You should collaborate w/ Statikleo


    Discovery channel huh? I think we all have a few words for them for the condition of the Tesla

  • Aidan Badger
    Aidan Badger

    Wide body bagged model s?

  • Weather Watch
    Weather Watch

    Good for you guys to treat the kid so well!

  • cody bragdon
    cody bragdon

    @18:10 is that a hood for a black s550🤔

  • Jeff Schmitt
    Jeff Schmitt

    I can not stop laughing about the kid asking "why's there a gun in here?"

  • Kris Moyse
    Kris Moyse

    Nice GT500 bonnet lying there 👀

  • JONNY_Z__ 370z NA
    JONNY_Z__ 370z NA

    Tesla with Ludicrous is un real!

  • Connor Scorza
    Connor Scorza

    nah i lost it when he said "Why is there a gun in here"

  • Stephen Alexander
    Stephen Alexander

    I have a 24,19 and 18 year old .. their entire life they they’ve been in HOT ROD cobras . Hot rods keep the kids close ! 🤷‍♂️

  • Max Joll
    Max Joll

    I don’t comment as much as your videos deserve but since most times I’m at the gym doing cardio after work but I’ve been watching every video since you had the Camaro i have so much of your merch and love your channel and everything you’ve accomplished over the years we are very similar ages and these videos have always inspired me to do better

  • 1FaStFox90LX

    What happened to the time out channel ?????!

  • Eric Wackowski
    Eric Wackowski

    They actually said 24 of America’s best drivers!?!

  • Josh vlogs
    Josh vlogs

    Sean: dont pull out yet Me: thats what she said 😏

  • Turkey James Lucas
    Turkey James Lucas

    See how that kid got so happy the EPA is going to take that away form us if we don’t do nothing about it signed the RPM now

  • Cap’n coochie Tickler
    Cap’n coochie Tickler

    Someone should make a compilation of clips of gavin groaning

  • Lee Quesada
    Lee Quesada

    You make me want a Tesla and i despise Electric, I wouldn't have an issue with it because the idea is great, i even have ideas to make anything run on water, and a certain oil for lubrication(plant based and environmentally friendly so disposal is easy and cheap) and of course battery packs like the Electric variety but smaller, and around 1k miles per tank or possibly further, there's reasons for this but ii'm not going into detail... Off subject there, but i wouldn't have issues if the EV nuts wouldn't attack fossil fuel related vehicles EVERY DAY... #FuckTheEPA #RPMAct #MakeRacingGreatAgain # FuckTheSystem

  • MT Wild
    MT Wild

    Ayy the show drops on my birthday

  • Ryan T
    Ryan T

    Will be very interesting to see where and how the damage actually happened and should prove to be an interesting show

  • Fabian ds
    Fabian ds

    So the guys who bought the truck finally made the first run down the track

  • Brian Caldwell
    Brian Caldwell

    You guys made that kids day!! Awesome stuff*

  • Roy

    First and last time I’m going to watch that long ass intro

  • Corry Adkins
    Corry Adkins

    Gavin needs to have a kid😂

  • Blake Bennett 347
    Blake Bennett 347

    Gavin is a great dude he’s got what will only be a dream to most people but is so humble!!!!!!!

  • Kaydin Humphrey
    Kaydin Humphrey

    I think if a car doesn't have a hood because it doesn't fit its prob a racecar

  • JCRuler36

    Does Gavin have a head dent

  • Michael Todd
    Michael Todd

    well just saw the ad for get away driver, can you talk about it now?


    Put drag slicks on it what was on the black car I seen one on here its fast

  • W33d Senpai
    W33d Senpai

    I mean that’s cool and all but I love your other cars much better than any electric car not to mention that thing is a rolling bomb Brand new and in its current state I can only imagine how dangerous it is I almost got my arm blown off due to a Tesla battery malfunction Just be careful dude

  • Just Because
    Just Because

    Gavin. You my man are a breath of fresh air. The way you make your content, feels like we are along for the journey 100% of the time. Keep it up!

  • Samuel Hunter
    Samuel Hunter

    Hey Gavin just a little to know if you see ford explorer in front or following you or something and doesn't have a roof rack it's a cop none of the police ford explorers have a roof rack

  • Rolando Gutierrez
    Rolando Gutierrez

    Sheeesh this good.

  • Frank Daniels
    Frank Daniels

    Demonology S/O 👊🏾

  • Kevin

    That show looks sick

  • Junior Pannwitz
    Junior Pannwitz

    I got a ad for the series ur in

  • nondaily vlogger
    nondaily vlogger

    I'm not even sure what this channel is anymore lol to the point where I'll walk away for a while till a thumbnail and caption catch my eye some day in the near future.

  • Cade Olson
    Cade Olson


  • Cizx

    For Tesla stuff go check out Rich Rebuilds all he does is cheat Tesla I’m sure you’ve already come across him but thought I’d through it out.

  • Adrian Barrera
    Adrian Barrera

    What mode you got it in “Ludacris”

  • Jared Sandoval
    Jared Sandoval

    Fn Or glizzy?

  • Michael Higgins
    Michael Higgins

    I saw the commercial before this and knew right away that this was the tv show you were talking about months ago

  • YallLikeToes

    Gavin and Shawn changed that little kids life today. And they dont even know it

  • Jon Thoma
    Jon Thoma

    God he is soo dramatic, thought he made a whole vide on how it was totaled... broken axle and dented panels, yea an insurance company wouldnt total that for what happened to it

  • Ramses Palma
    Ramses Palma

    What happened to his channel?

  • Allan Drey
    Allan Drey

    You should name the Tesla scoot

  • Adam Palmacci
    Adam Palmacci

    this series looks really, really good

  • Luis R
    Luis R

    Wanna fix my truck for free? Lol

  • matao guerrero
    matao guerrero

    I cant fing wait for the show🤙🏽

  • Frank Romero
    Frank Romero

    Next time you go to sonic ask for a vip drink

  • Dylan Matherne
    Dylan Matherne

    Whatever happened to the 86?


    Pro tip cops don't have roof racks the civilian version is the only ones with roof racks

  • Kaden Gonzalez
    Kaden Gonzalez

    I can tell everyone here that I’ve rode in a Tesla and they are STUPID FAST

  • Jesse Sweisberger
    Jesse Sweisberger

    Lightweight and tesla definitely don't go together

  • Nash An Life
    Nash An Life

    Y’all should do a crazy carbon wide body kit in the Tesla body parts would be easier to get an probably take a lot less time an would look way more badass

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